The True Start


I saw it. The large lizard-like monster was rampaging at this large room.
My classmates, Sir Vidad and probably me was all astonished at its strength.

It was completely different. Gerogerokia was a monster with a feature like a lizard with a difference of thirteen heads, three tails and three pairs of feet. The ominous aura told me to run but my feet doesn’t obey me.

Ah, Mark started dashing towards it, yelling and shouting, followed by the others. Fireballs were cast, all chanted support magic to strengthen their defense and offense. Ryan had a face who had seen terror. He was pushed back as if a worthless trash.

“Don’t be scared! The door can’t be opened unless we defeat that monster!”

Are you kidding me? Even the whole class’ confidence were broken by the intimidating aura it gives.

Mark started to chant. He was going to use a unique magic given solely to him by the god.

“– Cast! Destruction Sword!”

He shouted as swords were formed in the air with light and directly aimed at the Gerogerokia. As fast as sound, the swords flew to the lizard who was about to whip its tail. Gerogerokia squirmed about hitting my other classmates severely
I saw Ichinomiya having a strained face. Damn, I have to help quickly.

I quickly assessed the situation.

The lizard was in the center of the circular room, the boss perhaps. My classmates were surrounding it. Candles were on the walls, chandeliers on the ceiling were lit. A deformed skull sat on a strange book stand.

Hn!? Wait, is that…?


I ran towards the skull at the other side of the room but first I had to pass that friggin’ monster.

“Hey! You’re weak so don’t…, Hey!”

I pushed Mark out of the way and hurriedly ran below the lizard’s body. It smashed the floor causing an earthquake and rocks flew to my way.

Gah! It scratched me on my elbow. I continued running towards the skull. I heard my classmates shouting insults at me but I don’t care. I don’t care at all.
I simply want to escape this bastard of a lizard. Although insulting me in a way, they covered for me by firing ridiculous strong magics.

The lizard couldn’t move its body nor its three heads. That was why I had it easy. But this mysterious feeling consumed me. They believed that I had a way for us to win. They believed in me.


I reached the distorted skull and pushed it away from the book stand and there lie a black magic circle. Eight-pointed star.

I hesitatingly touched it and it glowed brightly illuminating the room.

“What the!?”

There was an earthquake. But the sound that creaked was a door either opening or closing. The room had only one door so I knew, subconsciously, that the door leading to outside was opening.

“The door is open! Vanguard team buy time for the others to escape the room. MC, you also run,”

I heard Sir Vidad shouted order. Everyone ran outside. I also.

Damn, my arm hurts. Also my feet and I’m out of breath.

After we exited, the vanguard team with Mark and Ryan exited also. We all were injured badly that the Support team couldn’t heal them properly. We all were breathing roughly. Ichinomiya ran towards me with a hug. Ah, this is embarrassing. We’re not in a relationship yet she does amazing moves. But I won’t scold her since she was really worried about me.

“Are you alright?”

“Ah yeah,”

“Mou, if you were going to do something then say it,”

“Ah, sorry, it was a spur-of-the-moment,”

Akari looked worried about me. I’m a failure of a man, aren’t I? I shouldn’t let a woman worry about me.

All gazes locked down on me like a hungry tiger targeting a lone sheep. That didn’t last long. All grounds shook at the same moment that a loud noise was heard. Rocks flew at every direction and we were all astonished.

“Th-, the door was destroyed!?”

“E, eh?”


The lizard bastard showed up within the smoke created. The three heads looked at us with fierce. One breathed fire, one breathed cold white smoke, one breathed green smoke at the same time. We shivered in fear, my legs shook like crazy. Hah, hah, calm down, calm down. Being scared does not reward you.

“Run! We can’t fight that thing!”

In the moment of confusion, Sir Vidad ordered us. We began to ran through the hallway and the lizard followed. With six legs it ran quickly with each of its steps shook the ground.

After a minute it caught up with us and whipped Lotte who was not athletic, crashing her body into the wall.

At that moment, I took a quick sprint and carried the unconscious and bloody Lotte. Mark ran after me and helped.

The others bought us time by fighting back. Mark took Lotte and carried her in his back while I carried their our luggage.


We ran again while the lizard followed us. Soon, after running through the hallways, across the rooms, we could see the stairs above. The lizard cannot enter above this floor, most probably.

“It’s the exit! Hurry before the lizard catch up again,”

It was the last spurt, we dashed quickly but the lizard knew and quickly sped up shaking the earth more.

This lizard was more faster than I thought. It might catch us before we reach the stairway. I was one of the guys who was behind so it might be troublesome if it catches up.


The ceiling ahead was whipped by one of its three tails. Destroyed, the ceiling slowly fell towards the ground crashing into it letting no hole be seen..

But before that happens we slipped through the ceiling or so I thought.

I was running hard enough to make it before it traps me but.. but..,

The lizard caught me by its teeth on its right head. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

I see. Someone pushed me. Someone pushed me. That’s why.


They were grinning evilly.

It’s everyone’s shadows.

Haah, haah, haah.

They used me.

They used me just because I’m weak.

Are weak supposed to die?

No, nO, No, NO, nO.

I know.

I know that Akari was the one.

She pushed me.

She pushed me to save their selfish self.

That’s right.

She was lying. Lying all along… You love me? Ah, right. You all love to play with me. The fool who never stood out.

I hate you. I even thought that you were in love with me. I should’ve known. It was a given that no one likes me. No one in this world likes me.
Revenge. I swore revenge. On those laughing shadows. On those dark shadows. Kill, kill, kill.

I, Ariya Takeru, shall take revenge on this sh*tty bastards. I shall kill.

I reached out my hand to them but after that moment, I felt darkness filled with pain.




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