Grief descended on the kingdom.

Three girls present themselves to the King at the throne room.
Nobody could have thought that this would end in such a way. Their faces showed grief and sorrow. Pitiful cries were heard and the surprised faces of the royal court could be seen.
The King couldn’t believe this. Such lies were unreal. He had never seen that this day would come.

— The “Heroes” had died.

Such reports were unbelievable. But there were no reason for them to lie. Or rather, they couldn’t.
The King had tried to remain calm but he couldn’t. The lives of the people depended on the “Heroes” and yet they had died. It was a mistake from the beginning.
Sending them to a final battle with the Demon King just after three years of training.

But wait. Shouldn’t Ariya, the world’s strongest, could defeat them? Why? Shouldn’t he just use those strange weapons?

Such questions passed through the Kings mind.

“Even his weapons had a weakness…,”

One of the girls, still grieving, had denied those thoughts. That golden-haired girl, who was mostly quiet, and the other two, was always with Ariya. That girl was as strong as Ariya, wasn’t she, he had thought.

He grinned from ear to ear.

“Then why don’t you accomplish what Ariya & the others couldn’t do?”

“That is impossible. Such strength, I can’t…, defeat,”

He frowned at her denial. Looking to the other girls, it seemed that their answer were the same. There was no way someone was stronger than Light and Ariya. Even a whole country cannot defeat them. And yet, one Demon King can defeat them along with the other Heroes. There maybe no hope left.
The king tried thinking again. He put his hand on his chin and looked serious. There must be someone who can defeat the Demon King.

(That guy… No, anyone but him…,)

He denied the fact that he would ask help from such a lowly man. Such dirt could not save them. But, according to the prophecy, no, that might be a lie from the oracle. His face showed discomfort at his own weakness. He must save this own world’s people. But how?

It seemed that he would have to spend a sleepless night again…


A footstep was heard.

In the dark room, dripped water from the ceiling. Neither light nor heat could enter. The windows only showed the darkness that swallows fire, and the cold that swallows light.
Skulls of dead filled the place grotesquely with the rotting flesh of rats. The filth smelled and flowers that withered made the room more dark and inhabitable.

A young man, hugging his knees, sat down the corner, eyes of a dead fish and body that was frail and weak. He wore tattered clothes and had messy dark hair. He had heard of footsteps coming nearer, closer, getting louder each step.
No doubt that it was heading towards the room. He smiled. But neither happiness nor sorrow could be seen. Nor was it anger.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The man’s voice was husky as if he had never talked for a week. His eyes went to the direction of a girl that had just entered the room.
The golden-haired girl carried a lantern that lightened up the room. She had a small stature and very modest body which made her look like a child. She would be very cute if not for her expressionless face.
The girl can see that the room was quite messy and small unlike what she was used to. Her crimson red eyes wandered around the room, looking at every corner, and then straight to the man.

“You… do know of the death…, right?”

The man tilted his head for a second, meaning to ask what she meant, but then realized.

“Yeah, I know. Just received the news. How pitiful a situation for you, huh,”

The girl frowned. Although usually expressionless, she showed discomfort to his words but did not bother the man.

“Then..,, I… Ask…,”

The girl came nearer to the man. Her face was probably mixed with emotions because the man was wearing a surprised face.

“You, would… Like to avenge, Ariya…?”

The man’s faced turned dark. Ariya, the man he knew very well. Despite having the normal face, he had charmed countless girls by his own sheer power and had been admired(envied) by men. Fawned over by the king, he had everything that he could have.

“Aha, Ahahahahaha!”

He laughed. He laughed at the bewildered girl. She had never seen the man laughed like this. It was as if he had heard the funniest joke. It resounded in the room.
His laugh lasted for moments and then,

“… You, what do you take me for?”

His face suddenly turned dark, serious. He threw the words as if pointing a blade at her very throat. There was a dangerous aura omitted in the man which made the girl flinch.
She knew very well that it wouldn’t go well, but she tried. However weren’t they friends? She had thought of this.

“Friends? With him? That bastard that beat me half-dead?”

They stared at each other for awhile. The man knew she was desperate because Ariya was her lover. But why? Avenging the death of her lover should be easy knowing how strong she was, so why?
There was something hidden. Lying beneath the heart of the girl.

“Anyway, I don’t have the time to mess with you so get out,”

The girl hesitatingly left with looking back at him one more time.

The man was, again, alone in the room. The footsteps getting farther, distant, getting quiet.
He lied down on his hard bed and thought of the past. It had been three years, since. Three years of hardships after being summoned in another world.
The start of his cruel fate.


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