Chapter 20: Out of the Peco Forest And To Lichtenstadt

Tanaka awoke from his deep slumber to the sound of his slave calling to his name as she shook him repeatedly with a light force. As soon as Tanaka got up, he shoved Light out of his bed and hurriedly left the room. Light having sat on her knees, expecting a punishment, she just blankly stared at the door.

A moment later, Tanaka entered the room, making the door slam, and left again, dragging poor little Light as he went on the hallway.

Tanaka had thought of what Ririth tried to tell him by going to Nyanpan Empire. In the course of having to go against the humans, Tanaka had thought of building an army, but surely it was impossible. Thus, he thought of making an ally to the empire which has Demi Humans but that was also entirely impossible. Since the humans and demi humans had treated each other as best friends among the races, it would be impossible to tell the other side to fight against each other.

And thus, he had formulated a solution to this problem. What the trash had feared that would kill them all if not for the Heroes that they had summoned. Yes, he would ask of those that is feared by humans. The help of the Demon King was the best answer to his problem. Being a Demon King aside, both Tanaka’s and the Demon King’s goals maybe different, but they have overall, the same effect which would be brought upon the world. That was the plan. Hence, he would need to meet one of the eleven Demon Lords that resides in Nyanpan Empire and send his request.

Tanaka was not frightened of the situation of being in front of a Demon Lord nor does he really care. With his current strength and large Magical Flow, he could not be bested by the Demon Lords as they were, but he still doesn’t know if he was stronger or weaker than the Demon King.

“I want you to give me a map of Nyanpan Empire containing the Demon Lord’s place,”

Tanaka held his palm as to take something from Myulo. Tanaka had entered Myulo’s living room where she was there, just reading a book about theories of Magic. He had not read about it yet and was, at the least, interested in the book but set that aside to speak of an urgent matter.

“What’s the rush? Could it be that you know of the certain interference?”

“No need to explain. I want it now,”

“What if I don’t wanna?”


Due to Tanaka’s demanding attitude, Myulo had felt teasing him a little bit but was replied with nothing. She became bored and did as he said, rummaging through her papers on a desk near the dull corner that was filled with not one bit of a blue gem. Instead, it was designed with black feathers and cobwebs that made it a little spookier. What was more, it was like that corner was out of place due to its lonely atmosphere.

Finally, she had took a dusty old paper and she dusted it with her small hand and gave it to Tanaka. In the paper, there was a writing of an old alphabet. Tanaka was educated with the old alphabet of the world since he had nothing to do but read all the books in his room and the library. He was pretty much knowledgeable about this world. Anyway, the written letters spelled “Map of the Empire of Nyanpan”. Well, if it wasn’t, he would shout at Myulo.

The map was a bit old and was a bit confusing, but Myulo explained that it was from 2000 years ago. The reason why she had given him that was because that was the only map that had written the exact location of the land of the Demon Lord in Nyanpan Empire.

“Light, wake up Charles. We’re leaving,”

“Already? Well, it’s your choice,”

Light left the living room and went to Charles’. Meanwhile, Tanaka was standing, investigating the next town that they would go to. It was a town just out of the Peco Forest. Since that town was the final town that they’ll visit since after that was the port city of Hafenstadt and they’ll be able to leave Lieben Kingdom from there to Nyanpan Empire via merchant’s ship that will go to Nyanpan’s port city of Minatomachi.

“You’re awfully silent,”

“Well, there is nothing to say, plus, I would not like to play with destiny. If I say more than I have to, then I might regret at having to say something at all,”

She acted like she knew what was going to happen if I was going there, but that was not my problem. I just have to kill humans and then find a way to return to my old world by following Ririth’s hint saying “If you want to return to your old world, then find me.”

Was that a puzzle for me to solve? Tanaka had thought. If not, what does she mean find her? Maybe her daughter would know, but she said that she wouldn’t say anything even if he would beg.

A moment later, Light returned with Charles following her behind. He had still seemed sleepy at the moment and was not yet ready to leave. Tanaka had to force him to dress up and eat before leaving.

“Are we really leaving?”

“Yeah, I want to go to Nyanpan Empire sooner than later,”

“Lord Tanaka… why?,”


Light had murmured so softly that even Tanaka couldn’t hear. He had to leave what Light wanted to say since they don’t have anytime. As they left the entrance of the Myulian Fortress, Myulo had sent them off.

“Although the road is clear to you, don’t mishandle time. Leave the forest by this day since at night, that side of the Peco Forest will produce fog that can lead you astray,”

Myulo gave them a piece of advice as they walked down the road. She was replied with a wave of hands, reassuring her that they had heard it. It’s a dangerous fog since that fog carries multiple poison and also attracts monsters immune to poison. Thus, it was better to leave before the night.

The road was as straight as an arrow, thus having them travel more faster and with Light’s strength, she could carry a ton of luggage which made it easier for Tanaka. They hadn’t stop for a moment to sight the wonderful abundance of the forest and the almost peaceful ambience.

It took them awhile until they left out of the Peco Forest and it was almost sundown. The fields of grass came to view as soon. It was a moment to feel safe and out of danger, yet they moved on as per Tanaka’s instruction and had to follow the straight arrow that become a windy road. Light and Charles talked as they walk throughout morning to evening about every little details of food. Seriously, the glutton always has food first.

“Ah, it’s a town! From what I see, it’s Lichtenstadt,”

“We’ll stay the night there and depart tomorrow, straight to Hafenstadt,”



One stomach of a glutton voiced her opinion. She held her stomach as she hide her embarrassment from Tanaka. They had been walking from morning to dusk with no stops for food and now that she had smelled the aroma of the town, she couldn’t wait to eat.

Tanaka couldn’t help but think that this was a bit expensive trip for a normal person but he had the money of the trash which was to last for a few more months but at that time, they would be visiting the Demon King if it goes well.

They had entered Lichtenstadt and as soon as they got in, they were greeted by a lively local festival that had decorations everywhere. They were quite surprised as to how they were having fun. Lichtenstadt had a quite unique design to their houses. Every houses were decorated with demon-like statuse just outside the window. It is believed that those statues were supposed to get rid of misfortune and bad luck by having the statue be possesed by those creatures who bring misfortune and bad luck.

“It’s quite a festival in this town,”

“I don’t want to waste time here,”

“Aw~, but little Light wants to go have fun,”


“Lord Tanaka… Hungry…,”

Light said with embarrassment and was quite ashamed. Tanaka sighed, putting his hand on his forehead. They quickly found an inn and rented a room, then ordered food.

“Horned rabbit with rice,”

“Chicken soup with a salad,”

“Roasted pig…, grilled chicken…, salad extra large and a serving of extra large rice,”

That had cost a ton of  Lis and you know who had eaten larger portion than what we ate. Well, as long as we have this gluttonous brute’s strength I can manage to do this everyday. Since there weren’t any problems with money, he supposed doing guilds now would be a waste of time. He even asked for this guild permit readied for his adventure. Well, at the very least, he wouldn’t waste time for guilds.

After finishing eating her large servings of food, she quietly left the dining area and into her room upstairs. The inn was maintained well so there weren’t creaking floors and doors. It was only the thumping of her feet. Her room was separated from the other two males for the reason of common sense. It had a design of plainness and simplicity but the aroma it had given was suited to Light’s smell. She laid down to her soft and fluffy bed and slowly went to a deep slumber.

“Sigh… That girl really is a glutton,”

Tanaka and Charles after eating, went to their room. It was the same with Light’s but had two beds at the end of both sides of the room. Tanaka had Light’s room beside his so that when there was trouble, he could easily call Light without the use of the Slave Mark.

“So? What are your plans tomorrow?”

Charles asked with a little bit of curiousity.

“Well, I planned on leaving tomorrow so I could arrive at Nyanpan Empire sooner,”

“Is that so?”

“If you don’t want to come, then don’t. You’re  not really obligated to do so, anyway,”

Charles shook his head as a response to Tanaka.

“I want to come since it’ll be fun,”

Tanaka had never understood Charles’ way of thinking so he stopped the conversation there (at least now he knows that Charles was coming). Tanaka went to his bed and, again, started to think about the future. He slowly began to nod off and he went to his sleep.


The next day, Tanaka met four familiar faces.




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