Chapter 13: Snakes And Gerogerokia

MC and the others were now in the tenth floor of the dungeon. The Heroes grew stronger by time and their teamwork even stronger. They were getting confident. Not a single one of them was scared by now. Meeting various monsters such as four-eyed wolves, giant bats, little golems and large red-eyed frogs.

The most dangerous ones were the red-eyed frog that spits poison. It had a high jumping skill and was swift that was why they had a hard time hitting it with magics and arrow. Gladly, they were supported by Sir Vidad.

The four-eyed wolves were a bit troubling but not as much as the frogs were. Its speed was very fast but was countered by earth magic which slowed down its movements.

MC, on the other hand, was supporting them by carrying their luggage. He couldn’t handle it all so Ichinomiya insisted on helping. He refused at first, but he was nagged by her and gave in.

“Close in on them vanguard team! Support team ready your magic, also for the Magic team,’

Sir Vidad shouted commands at the center while fighting a giant snake. According to him, the snake’s weakness was fire element. That was why they were focusing on fire magic. The giant snakes had an element of poison which can be defeated by either fire or light magic which has the worst affinity with poison element.

The vanguard team, led by Mark, was agitating the snake, dodging when the snake attacks and attacking when it lets its guard off of others. The support team is composed of Support-type Heroes and also Killer-type and its purpose is to support the vanguard team via support magics and buffs. The Magic team were Attack-type Heroes that have a high numbers in Magic in status.

“Cast! Fireball!”

They cast all the same Elementary-class magic which was Fireball. There were advantages and disadvantages in Fireball. The advantage is that a Fireball consumes small amount of Magic Power, easy to use, accurate and uses a short chant which gives efficiency than other magics. Fireball also does not consume oxygen so it can be used in locked rooms,  dungeons and caves. The disadvantage is that it has small damage to high level enemies and it can be easily destroyed by a weak magic barrier.

Luckily, the giant snake did not have any magic barrier. Rather, it does have scales to protect it from attacks so it was still hard for them.
The snake was slow when moving but its attacks were swift. However, this did not made them frightened. They kept dodging and attacking until the snake its scales shattered.

“Now! The snake’s scales has shattered! Full attack!”

“Cast! Fireball!”


The Vanguard team all charged in confident while the Magic team all fire their magics to full power. It happened in an instant and the snake fell dead.


Mark shouted in victory while the others celebrated with smile. Ichinomiya celebrated with MC but he felt so helpless. There was nothing he could do but carry their luggage. Why did they even had to let him come? He could have stayed in the castle and read books in the library with Chamomile and yet here he was feeling helpless due to the strength his classmates showed during battles.

“Ahaha, Akari, don’t get too close,”

“Why? We’re going out right?”

“No, we’re not. Please refrain on doing this,”

Ichinomiya pouted when he rejected her so bluntly. Although this was the case, MC had just wanted to let those jealous and evil gazes fade. He never really intended to answer her confession so directly.

“Let’s continue on,”

Mark said while holding his sheathed sword. His other classmates were scavenging the giant snake’s remains without much thought on what they were doing.
They all nodded to him and went on continuing their conquest on the dungeon.

The hallway were all just the same. It had the same style as from the beginning of the dungeon. Although this floor was deeper, it hadn’t change the eerie feeling that they had when they started the dungeon.

But still, it was strange. They should’ve encountered monsters by now but there wasn’t any. Was it because this floor was where you can relax? A savepoint perhaps?

No, it was not. Sir Vidad was also suspicious of this. MC had noticed this and looked around. He was in doubt that everything was in a normal condition.

After a moment, the ground shook as if an earthquake had come. Dust fell from the ceiling and cracks form on different sides. They were all surprised but went ready and drew their weapons. All of a sudden, the wall collapsed and five, no, ten giant snakes surrounded them by the hallway.

The snakes were hidden in two rooms beside the hallway. They hissed at the students but Sir Vidad kept them calm.

“Vanguard team in front, get your shields up, and Support and Magic team in the center, ready your magic and strike swiftly,”

He ordered silently as not to agitate them. They also got to form without intimidating them. The giant snakes, on the other hand, was just staring and slithering around the students. Not even an ounce of intent to attack.

However, one student, Pia, was touched by the scales of one of the snakes.


She screamed, alerting the snakes of enemies. They hissed and tackled them at the same time. This destroyed their circular formation, injuring most of the vanguards.

“Stand up! Kill them!!”

Sir Vidad rushed to aid them in battle. He furiously swung his sword at one snake that was slow but it endured the sword making a sound like metal clashing. The others stood up and brought their shields up, while the Magic team fired their Fireball.

Too weak. They could do it when it was only one but now there was ten, surely it can be described as hard.

Ryan went in front smiling wryly but confident. He went to help Sir Vidad with Lotte and the others firing their magic.

Ichinomiya, on the other hand, was busy healing the injured who was also fighting. The giant snakes were taking all of their attacks while counterattacking.

Mark was fighting the largest snake. Its fangs laid bare to him. He took up his sword and slashed and the snake took it but with a heavy tackle that made him crashing to the wall of one of the rooms beside the hallway. Cracks formed on it that it looked painful.

However, when Mark fell down, he stood up immediately, raising his sword. He intimidated the snake by yelling.


The snake attacked from long range with its poisonous fangs. While Mark nimbly dodges just a hair’s breadth, he swings his sword through the snake’s neck with a clang.
The snake looked at Mark with its enormous black eyes.

“Cast! Heavy Shield!”

A buff magic was casted upon Mark. His defense rose drastically. He thanked his fellow classmate and jumped, avoiding another attack of the snake, landing into its back and thrust his sword at the same spot he hit. The snake tried to shake him off but Mark had a solid grip on it and struck his sword on it many times. Struggling to break free from his grasp, the giant snake crashed into the wall with its back that Mark smashed into it as well.
He fell to the ground with blood and wounds.


Ichinomiya took actions and casted Godly Heal which healed Marks wounds as fast. By the way, although it’s true that the wounds are healed and pain was alleviated, it doesn’t mean that the blood and dirt was cleaned.

“Thanks, Ichinomiya!”

Mark stood straight and faced the snake with its eyes set on him. He charged straight forward and dodged its tackle, burying its face on the ground.

“Cast! Fireball!”

Once again, Fireball magic was used. It was effective that the snake struggled to escape from the ground. But it was no use. The snake’s scales already shattered. It was only a matter of time.

Mark raised his sword and brought it down. The snake’s head was cut and its body stopped wriggling about.


There were nine more to go. Nine deadly giant snakes.


An hour, they were all dead. Neither breathed nor moved. The students breathed roughly, ignoring the corpses that laid. They had a hard time defeating all of them.

Sir Vidad was still suspicious. There were questions that popped up on his mind, yet still only one answer came to his mind.

“Did you get hurt?”

Ichinomiya walked to MC who was just standing around. MC was just keeping safe at the center in the middle of the fight so he didn’t get hurt.

“Nah, I’m fine,”

“I see,”

Jealousy and envy arose. MC who did not even fight and was safe was flirting with the beauty Ichinomiya Akari.

“Let us continue our journey,”

“What? Why? Let us rest some more,”

“We are to continue,”

Sir Vidad was acting strange, but they obeyed his orders and continued on through the dark hallway. Exotic markings, pillars, all of them were strange. The snakes were also strange. Why were there only snakes? This floor was expected to have a variety of monsters. MC was also feeling something strange, something dark. Like there was danger ahead. He was alerted that something might happen. No. Something would happen.

The winding hallway brought them to a large door. Sir Vidad’s eyes were astonished. The door had carvings on it. The carvings were mostly snakes and humans. There were others but were incomprehensible.

They opened it with care but the door creaked regardless. The only thing they saw was darkness in the room. They laid low, carefully not trying to engage in battle.
Once Sir Vidad had gave them the signal, they entered with stealth. After they all entered, the door creaked once again and,


The door closed, flames that lit the dark room suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The room had an extravagant feeling to it. Bad. This atmosphere was bad.
All of them unsheathed their weapons. Sir Vidad calmly assessed what they were facing.


A large lizard-like monster with three tails, thirteen or so heads that hissed, three pairs of feet and grand scales that shone brightly protecting its skin from enemies.

It was the boss of the tenth floor. The so-called Gerogerokia.




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