Chapter 11: Punishment And Road to the Walled City of Peco

Light was in her nightgown in a seiza position. Rocks was placed in her lap to make it more as a punishment. Tanaka sat down on a large flat rock in front of her. Veins showing as he caressed his neck with a hand.

He was obviously angry and Light’s expression which definitely says that she had done something wrong made it more so. Worried, Charles tried to talk it out but was ignored. Obviously, Tanaka never imagined being bitten by Light with her eyes as red as blood. She was definitely sucking something out of him like a vampire.

He looked at her with an irritated face.


“Sorry? You think you can just make it out by saying sorry?”



Light groaned and went silent with a face like a sorry dog. Charles smiled wryly as Tanaka lashed out his words at her.

“You’re too rough on your own daughter,”

“Yeah, right. As if she’s my daughter,”

His sarcasm made Charles’ wry smile even more wry. She was there for about 75 minutes now. Her feet were getting numb regardless of her unreasonable strength. The rocks that were on her lap were heavy enough to put a strain on her.


Light made a sound which made Tanaka sigh. She was pouting. Although she was not in the situation, she still pouted.

“Haa, alright. That’s enough punishment for you,”

As soon as he said that, Light threw the rocks and stood up with her legs shaking. She was shaking bad plus the numbness of her feet made it worse that she fell without tripping.

Tanaka was searching his luggage and seemed like he found something and came back to Light.


It was food. Food was laid in front of Light’s shining red eyes. She gratefully bit it like a dog and munch on it. With a crunching sound.

“Now, let’s get it on with the journey,”

“Right, let us,”

They entered the carriage while Charles readied the horse. Light and Tanaka, unlike yesterday, was now sitting beside each other. He wondered why she was this close to him and attempted to push her aside.

Charles saw them and smiled gently. “They really are father and daughter, how cute,” he thought. He sat on the carriage and whipped the horse. The carriage went on with a rough movement due to the rough road.

The sun was about to reach its peak when they started. Frankly, they should have started a bit more earlier but Light’s punishment went a bit long.

Since they were delayed, Charles had estimated that they would be there at about 4 hours from here. Charles had made that deduction without a map so they doubted it, but when three hours had passed, they could see the Peco City from afar.
Tanaka looked at Charles back with amazement. Light was sleeping so she does not know what was happening.

Honestly, if Tanaka had a cellphone with him, he could take a picture of her sleeping and send it to all his friends online but sadly, even with his cellphone, he could not send this online without wife.

“So, where are you really going, Tanaka?”

“Is that a question I’m supposed to answer?”

“No, not really,”

Tanaka looked at Charles’ back without him looking back at Tanaka.

“Nyanpan Empire,”

Even though Tanaka couldn’t see his face, he was sure that Charles was surprised.

“That country with Demihumans? Why?”

“That should be obvious of course. Cat ears, or maybe dog ears?”

“Ahaha, so that was the reason. But you don’t have any plans to see the Angels?”

Tanaka tilted his head at the word Angels. Are Angels in this world like the messengers of God or something? If so, he would not dare. He did not have the time to speak with those insolent Gods.

“Ah, if you’re thinking that the Angels are something like a messenger of Gods, that is not true,”

Bullseye. Sometimes Tanaka would think if he was a mind reader or an ESPer.

Charles explained what Angels are. The Angels, AKA Guardians, were winged creatures of the Demihuman Race. They are strong and powerful creatures that mostly inhabit uncharted islands and forgotten places.

Angels, a long time ago, were Guardians that protect the world. But Human technology and the Demon’s use of magic made the Angels suffer heavy loss of lives. To survive, they needed to hide in islands. That was why they were rare to see. But now, a tribe has gone and lived in Nyanpan Empire and had lived a wealthy life.

“I see,”

“But if you’re going to a port city, then shouldn’t you have gone to the city of Steinstadt?”

“Eh? Why?”

He was bewildered at Charles’ statement. Wasn’t the City of Peco the only route to a port city? Or maybe that’s what he had only thought.

“There’s a road leading from Steinstadt to the port city of Waffteragme,”

“But this map here doesn’t have a road here,”

Tanaka pointed at in between Steinstadt and Waffteragme at the map he just took. There was no signs of roads or anything that could be traveled with a carriage.

“Ah, that map. It’s from three years ago, right? At that time, they started building the road,”

He turned stiff, or rather, had a priceless face. He looked at Charles and back to the map and back to Charles still wearing that priceless expression. He shook his head and thought to himself, he should not worry about it, there was no choice and they had come this far so there’s no going back.


Light woke up with her head on Tanaka’s shoulders. Her eyes looked up to him still dazing.

“You awake? We’re nearly there,”

Light tilted her head, still half-asleep. Her expressionless face stared at Tanaka.


Light, then, was fully awoken after the carriage shook roughly.  She fell out of balance. Light suddenly groaned at the fact that Charles had intentionally done this.

The walls of Peco City loomed over them as they pass the gate. These walls made him have a feeling of security and safeness. It made him excited that he would see something so extravagant. The city guards roamed about. The people of the city with their happy faces walked through the streets.

The buildings of its wonders were built with rocks and bricks. The large cross of the church could be seen from afar. Street lamps were displayed and trees and plants, along with flowers, were all beautiful decorations of the medieval-like peaceful city.

Mansions of the rich almost filled the place. Poor men’s farm were also wonders that brought this city peaceful and clean life.

“The walled city of Peco, the capital of harvest and the haven for adventurers,”

Charles muttered as they walked through the beautiful scenery. Women could be seen talking on the streets with bags of freshly bought meat and fruits and men were working and running at different places.

“Then, I’ll be going this way,”

Charles said his farewell, but he said he was coming with them through the Peco forest since it would be dangerous to get lost.

“Well then, let’s find a place where we could eat,”


Light nodded. The two of them walked under the scarlet sky with the sun nearing at horizon. The two of them found themselves at an inn called “Inn of Sure Win!”.

Seriously, what the heck is wrong with this world’s naming sense?

Retorting in his mind, they entered and saw an inn-like atmosphere unlike in Bergstadt. The men were eating like beasts and yelling like they were in a celebration. They were somewhat adventurers trying to cross the Peco Forest. That was the explanation when they went to the counter. They paid the owner for their food and room. Their room was a large room with a double bed. Although Tanaka wanted a single bed, the owner discounted the one with double bed.

They went to their luxurious room, threw their luggage in and went to a table where they ate luxurious food. There was a bath included in the inn so Light and Tanaka went there.

Although there was a mixed bath, Light refrained on asking Tanaka to go there together. After coming back to their room, they went to their bed to sleep.

The red moon illuminated their room as Light sat on her bed, looking at Tanaka sleeping on his bed. Light smiled seductively and crawled towards Tanaka lowering her head to his ear, whispering,

“How cute,”

She bit again.




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