Chapter 10: The Dungeon And Monsters

The dark, eerie hallway was part of the dungeon. Black pitch was all could be seen. The bats’ squeak made it more frightening. Cobwebs every corner of the hallway where large spiders inhabit.

According to Sir Vidad, there are about a hundred floors, going down. Weak monsters occupies the upper floors while the stronger monsters occupies the lower floors.

It was like a game but felt more realistic. They could feel the cold breeze in the dark dungeon. Their body shivered with fright and anxiety.

MC was dragged into the dungeon with the other students. Ichinomiya had clothes that were a bit revealing, but she does not mind. Her clothes were made to improve magical skills so a “cheat” like her could even be stronger than before. Although she only has healing magic. She was sticking closely to MC with her arms around, making sure no one makes a move on him.

They found a room. Sir Vidad, who was in the front line, stopped them and cautiously opened the door. Seven green ugly-faced monster. They were goblins. Small but nimble, they can use weapons such as daggers and knives to its highest. Does not have any heavy armor, but pieces of leather armor was patched onto them.

Sir Vidad did an eye contact and everyone nodded.

“Vanguards attack first, and Support team at the back, while I command at the middle,”

They went into their positions. Four columns surrounded the goblins which made it easier for them to hide. Hiding behind the pillars were Mark, the attack-type Hero; Ryan, Attack-type Hero; Rock, a Tank-type Hero and Kimberly, another Tank-type Hero.
They were the Vanguard team.

Waiting for Sir Vidad’s signal to attack, they slid silently through the dark, cautiously not making sound with their heavy armor.

Sir Vidad raised his hand. Everyone nodded.
At the very next moment, confusion arises. Slashing through, Mark attacked the largest goblin. His sword cut through the goblin’s shoulder, but failed to pull it out. The goblin reached for its dagger, not trying to pull his sword out, and swung it to Mark’s abdomen. It cut deeply, making him jumped to the side.

“Gaah! Damn!”

Blood ran through his stomach and to the ground, trickling like a river. The moment Ichinomiya chanted a healing magic, the goblin ran to him swinging its knife left to right and vice versa, repeatedly. Mark nimbly dodged, making Ichinomiya’s healing magic a miss, but the goblin was too fast making him lose his ground.

“Cast! Wind Fury!”

A gust of sharp wind cut the goblin’s one arm. Lotte, an Attack-type Hero which specializes in magic waved around her staff as she chanted. The Wind Fury, a magic that shapes air into winds with sharp edges.

The goblin looked at Lotte. It pulled Mark’s sword out of its shoulder and threw it to the ground. Swiftly, the goblin thrust it dagger, stabbing Lotte.



Mark grabbed his sword and swung at the goblin throwing the goblin on the rocky wall. The goblin fell unconscious.

“Cast! Godly Heal!”

Ichinomiya had cast healing magic to both of them. Their wounds
healed fast and no scar was left. Godly Heal is a Saint-class healing magic, stronger than a Hero-class magic. It can heal injuries fast and is no doubt to not leave any scars.

“Kill it and support everyone else!”

Sir Vidad ordered to the three. Mark nodded and readied himself. Of course he was shaking. I mean, even if it’s a monster, it is still a living being.
He raised his sword and,


Swung it down, killing the unconscious goblin painlessly. It was his first kill and yet felt so anticlimactic. Blood relentlessly flowed on the ground.

“Two goblins more!”

There were two left as two were killed. Ryan and the others were filled with the blood of the other goblin that was killed. They breathed roughly. On the other hand, MC didn’t do much as to killing them. He just stayed in the back laying low as to not bother them. He was weak so he didn’t mind that they got the kill. But still, it was boring to stay at the back and watch them fight.

“Nice teamwork!”

“I wouldn’t have thought this could be easy,”

“Yeah, we were training just yesterday and we’re now in a kill or be killed situation,”

His classmates suddenly rested on the ground, conversing about their thoughts. They were happy about their kill. They smiled along with Sir Vidad who thought that this was a great victory.

“MC, are you okay?”

Ichinomiya sat down beside MC and leaned her body to his. MC blushed a little, but flinched to the jealous gaze from the boys. He suddenly pushed Ichinomiya so that they would not appear to be so lovey dovey.

“Ehh? Why? I confessed to you so this doesn’t matter, right?”

“But I didn’t answer,”

“You’re so indecisive! You should go out with me so that they would be jealous of you dating such a cute girl,”

“Calling yourself cute,”

“Am I not?”

“No, ah, well, you’re pretty cute,”

She blushed. Calling herself cute was one thing, but having MC call her one was another. Her heart raced as she felt her cheeks with her hands.

All glares intensified. Not one could stand their lovey dovey atmosphere. MC’s face turned dark but smiled wryly as he looked at Ichinomiya’s pouting face.

“What, Ichinomiya?”

“You should call me Akari, that’s what,”

“Eh? That’s too bothersome,”

She pouted even more.

“Alright, alright. But Akari, call me by my name too, I hate being called MC,”

“Then, Ta-”

“We’re now going. Ichinomiya, MC, you should get ready,”

As she was about to call MC by his name, she was interrupted by Sir Vidad. They both nodded and got ready. Their classmates waited for them and left the room entering another dark hallway. A bit different from before, with pillars that loomed over them and carvings of some kind. It might have a story but no one knows. It was a little creepy due to its style.

“What was that?”

They could hear a rustling noise. Preparing for a battle, they drew their weapons. Sir Vidad signalled with his right hand to wait.

What appeared before them were four monstrous spiders grotesquely baring their fangs.


Those who were not good with this kind of bugs screamed. Ichinomiya fell down on her knees, soul nearly leaving from her mouth. As a response to them baring their fangs, Carl shot an arrow to one of the spider’s head, bringing it to its eternal sleep.
The other spiders were enraged at this act.


The noise of their legs could be heard. Mark suddenly charged in slashing his decorated sword. It hit its front leg but has no effect.


It only resounded as if it clashed with another sword. Hard.

“Damn, we could only hit its body, but it’s too risky,”

Mark clicked his tongue. He swung his sword again, with the others dealing the other spiders. Ryan drew his spear and tried to thrust it but the spider only dodge, kicking Mark out of its leg.

“…,Let thou be burned. Cast! Sun Burn!”


Lotte casted a fire magic. Mark flinched at this but Ryan ignored her magic and continued strike.


The fire magic hit, smoke filled the area. It was a scene where ‘Did we get him?’ was perfect.

“Did we get him?”

A flag was raised. MC, who was taking care of Ichinomiya and others who fell unconscious, was laughing at Lotte’s remarks. She said the worst possible speech ever at the worst possible situation. He always thought that it would only be said in novels or anime.

Mark and Ryan smiled, although coughing. They had defeated the large spider.

Or so they thought. The smoke was nearly cleared showing the shadow spider, standing tall, without much damage received.

“Damn! It’s still alive,”


MC continued laughing at their surprised faces.

Ryan ran across the floor and continued to thrust his spear. Mark, on the other hand, slashed at its legs once again, trying to distract it. Their plan was to strike its belly, a weak spot.
The spider faced its back at Mark.

“Yes! The spider had faced its weak spot in front of me!”

He raised his sword, but when the sword came downwards, it spurted a white sticky fluid.


Mark flew to the broken pillar, stuck within the spider’s silk. The spider, ignoring Ryan and Lotte, moved to Mark. It opened its mouth with the fangs leaking its poison.


Mark gritted his teeth. He closed his eyes and hoped for the worst. The sound of the spider nearing, made his heart beat fast. The fang nearly touch his skin, but the heavy armor protected him. But such fang could pierce it like a paper.


The spider pierced his body, lifeless. Lotte screamed as her classmate’s lifeless body was carried by the spider. Ryan fell down to his knees at what happened and MC who was watching laughed hardly. Mark was already dead. Mark, one of the Heroes was gone.

–Or so he thought.

Once Mark had opened his eyes, he saw Sir Vidad with a sword in his hand and the spider lying dead, without its head. Ryan and Lotte opened their mouths out of surprise.


Mark who was stuck on the pillar, was breath taken. He was this strong. He was stronger than the other Heroes. MC was still laughing hard due to Lotte’s ‘Did we get him?’ speech.

“I came here after we finished that spider over there,”

Sir Vidad pointed at a corner with a pillar where the lifeless spider surrounded by the other students. Headless. He wondered where the head went.

“Hup! Thank you, Sir Vidad,”

“No, it is just my job,”

Mark bowed down to Sir Vidad who just saved his life. That was one solved problem. And the other problem was that the others fainted at the sight of the large hairy spiders.

They sat down to wait for them to regain consciousness and continue their journey.




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