Chapter 06: The Bullies And Promise

MC took a kick to his face. Ryan forcefully grabbed MC’s shirt’s collar and punched him in the stomach forcing him to crouch down the ground.

He was mostly spitting blood. His face was ruined by bruises and blood. Taking every punch, he was injured and hurt but still taking their punches. One, two, three. No longer can you count the number he had fallen with your fingers but still he stood up. He almost fell unconscious between those times. Yet the bullies still kicked, still punched like none of their business, smiling happily.

It was a torture. They were too strong for MC and yet he took all of their punches. No matter how many his bruises, no matter how many wounds inflicted, he still took them.

“Heh! That should teach you, ‘FAKE’ to obey us more in the future,”

“Hehehe, look at that face! Weird! Hahahaha!”

“Well, he is a trash after all. No, wait, that’s a bit too rude to all those trashes in the world. HAHAHAAHA!!”

They kept laughing for a moment, bashing MC with their words. After that, they spat on MC and then walked off. MC limply stood and tried to walk but failed to. He went crashing down the blood-filled grass. He was nauseous. Taking their beatings were too much for him, after all. He was already losing conscious. Again.

“Eh, A-, no, MC!”

Someone called out to him. He couldn’t see very clearly but that voice was Ichinomiya’s. He tried to turn his head towards Ichinomiya who was running towards him looking worried. Of course anyone would be worried if they saw someone lying beaten up.

But not those bastards.

“What happened to you, all beaten up?”

He didn’t answer. Rather, he couldn’t answer. It was impossible due to his state. Ichinomiya placed her hand on MC’s chest and chanted various words which were like foreign language to MC. Suddenly, a burst of light came from Ichinomiya’s hands and MC slightly got better, But still, he was feeling nauseous. He wondered where and when Ichinomiya learned that.

“Where and when did you learned that, Ichinomiya?”

“Eh? Ah, no, it was kind of an instinct,”


Admiring Ichinomiya, he thanked her. Once again, MC stood up hurriedly and then went crashing again. Very nauseous. He even thought if he was pregnant or something.

“Ah! Just lie down for a bit,”

Ichinomiya sat down with both of her feet under her bottom and tapped her lap, insisting MC to lay down. While being shy, MC did as she said and laid down on her lap. It was a very romantic scene if not for King Eidrian who was elegantly walking, looking impressive and clapping with both of his hands and laughing.

“Hahaha, Ichinomiya Akari, am I right? You haven’t been taught yet but you could definitely cast a chanted magic. Very impressive, I say,”

“No, it was nothing,”

King Eidrian complimented her and Ichinomiya was a bit embarrassed being seen chanting magic that she does not even know.

“But please be careful. Magic works only because of the use of Mana, and that Mana is something that people need to live,”

To keep it short, Mana is like oxygen. Once without it, you’ll die. MC knew that there was something that is needed to use magic but he didn’t thought that it would be called Mana. Mana is a gaming term where it is consumed in exchange for a reasonable amount of magic or skill that is used But unlike games where Mana can be emptied, the Mana here cannot be consumed completely or you’ll die.

“Let me explain the hard terms in this world,”

Firstly, Magical Flow. One of the basic needs of this world’s creature. The Magical Flow is a circuit in which the Mana flows accordingly. Male and female living things have different flow of Mana. Females tend to have much larger capacity of Magical Flow while men have smaller. Another term is, Magic Power. Magic Power is the Mana consumed or use as to create magic. Creating magic uses Mana in the form of Magic Power, so to say.

King Eidrian also explained the Laws of Magic. One of the laws states that Mana in a Magical Flow, is essential to the body as it keeps the energy of our body balanced with the nature. This means that Mana depletion will weaken the energy in the body thus making the body more vulnerable to the dangerous environment of this world.
While there is also Mana in the environment called Natural Mana which flows. This Natural Mana that flows in the environment enters the body and resupplies the lost Mana. This is like an oxygen.

But when one has no Mana, the Natural Mana is dangerous to them because it is like virus to the man without antibodies to fight with. Natural Mana contains toxic which Mana of man can neutralize. This can be very dangerous as such it leads to the symptoms of internal bleeding and loss of air in the body.

Or so the king explained.

“Then, I cannot use magic?”

“That’s right, it is too dangerous for you,”

MC looked straight at the cold eyes of the king which was kind towards Ichinomiya. Maybe the fact that he was a FAKE Hero had made him angry. No, it was before when he learned he was FAKE.

But when he stared at the ever smiling Ichinomiya, he felt at ease. She was one of his classmates that he could trust. She was like an angel in their class. Living without prejudice, and helping others with open hand.

“Then, let us go to the castle and rest, there is much for you to do tomorrow, come,”

The king left with the two following. They entered the elegant throne room with the other classmates hanging around. Ryan glared at MC who was fully healed due to Ichinomiya. MC ignored this and continued to walk. They sat down the table with candles about and food was brought in. An elegant food.

There was roasted chickens and a pig, vegetables that were wonderfully placed, and no rice. Eh? No rice?

Even though the food that they ate were delicious, it was unsatisfying because there was no rice. As people living on Earth, they knew the value of rice.

“That was delicious,”

MC said to himself as he walk down the hallway after taking a bath. The bathroom was too large, that the boys were running around.
By the way, the girls took a bath earlier than the boys.

When he entered the room, a girl drying her black hair with a towel could be seen being illuminated by the moon that was red.

“I-, Ichinomiya?”

“Eh? AHH!!”

Ichinomiya was in pajama. She became red. While MC was surprised to see Ichinomiya in his room.

“We, well, you see, I wanted to talk about earlier,”


“I saw them spat on you, Ryan and the others,”

Ichinomiya said with a serious face. But MC was not interested and replied with,

“Is that so?”

“Mark and I will protect you,”

Ichinomiya declared with confidence and a dignified face. Her face shows her determination was real. But this does not make him very happy. Being protected by a girl was so not cool. Truthfully, Mark was a man of justice but this does not prove him being allies.

Even though he knew that, he still smiled and nodded. After all, Ichinomiya’s determined face was one he could not reject.

“Then tomorrow, I’ll punish Ryan and the others for you,”


Ryan went out at the courtyard. He kicked the tree beside him. It went with a ‘Thud!’.

“Damn, that bastard. I’ll kill him before he even get close to Akari,”

He imagined MC getting all chummy with Ichinomiya and then smacked the tree. He then tripled his hand tightly with rage.

He entered the castle angrily. Then strode through the hallway and saw Ichinomiya on the way. With wet hair being dried by her towel, wearing a thin pajama that captivated Ryan’s eyes.

She was too cute.

Engulfed with extreme excitement, Ryan went to his room immediately.

And Ichinomiya who did not seemed to notice Ryan, walked straight. Smiling happily.




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