Chapter 04: The Goddess And the Four Heroes

Waking up in the dark room, MC found himself lying on a soft bed. A girl sat on a chair beside his bed, humming a strange melody. He realized that the large soft bed he was lying on was after a while, it seems the girl noticed that he was awake.

“Are you okay?”

The familiar voice asked him. The girl was Ichinomiya Akari. The room was dark so he couldn’t see but it was definitely Ichinomiya. He sat on the bed and faced her. He had complex feelings swirling inside of him.

He thought that from earlier was just a dream, but when he saw Ichinomiya he then became sure that it was real. The fact that he was weak was real. Thinking about it makes him vomit.


Replying to her question, he stood up and moved around his arms. There are plenty of things he needed to think about but it was not the time. He asked Ichinomiya where everyone is, and she replied,

“There at the church nearby, if you want we can go there,”

Church? It was a weird thought, but this world had a church? He was confused about how similar this world is to theirs. Although he had read many novels of otherworldly adventures where there are churches, it would be really weird in real life where you had the same culture as from the other one. But oh well, it did not matter if they are the same or not. As they say, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Ichinomiya and MC went through the hallways greeting everyone that passes through them and out of the castle. It took them a long time to reach the door which leads outside the castle.

When they went outside, MC was amazed by the scenery that welcomed him. The medieval houses which laid down beautifully, the trees were fresh and breeze blew swiftly touching his delighted skin. Seeing that he lived in an urban city, he was not used to seeing this sight.

The castle was elevated so everything in the city can be monitored. The church, where they were headed stood wonderfully that it attracts attention.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”


MC and Ichinomiya smiled as they walked down the stairs gazing at the beautiful scenery that was laid in front of them. They talked about various things, forgetting about what happened earlier. When they arrived at the church, the students were waiting outside getting lessons from the king with Prince Leon and Princess Alicia. The king notices Ichinomiya and MC.

“So are you well? If so, let us proceed to the church. I have something for you to all see,”

Before MC could speak, the king already led the students to the church. He noticed that Ryan was glaring at him while Princess Alicia smiled at him kindly and went inside. Ichinomiya surprisingly grabbed his hand and said, “Come on,” and went inside the church.

What waited for them was the golden layout of the inside of the church. Everything was painted in gold, except for the chairs and tables. The candles that lay on the priest’s table was decorated beautifully.

“That is only the beginning. Come, this way,”

The king hastily went towards the door which went further in. They saw priests in the hallway that was dressed in elegantly, talking to each other. The students were following the king to the a large door.

Walking inside, what they saw was a golden statue. A statue of a girl with long hair, dress with frills, and a somewhat strange sharp-pointed stick on both of her hands, feathers that formed as a headband. If they were to say it in one word, it would be “Pretty”.

Ichinomiya was amazed at this scenery. Five statues came behind the first one. Two were statues of boys and three were of girls. One boy was carrying a lance, dressed gallantly, the other was carrying a staff and wore a robe. One of the girls were holding a sword, specifically a katana, the other one was wore big gloves which was unusual, and the last one held a bow and arrow with a dignified face. All was made wonderfully well.

“This is the God Y and the five Heroes of the past,”

Prince Leon introduced the statues while admiring the piece of artwork. A sculpture that was made with remembrance from these heroes. Princess Alicia began to explain who these heroes are while his brother stared at the sculptures passionately.

First with God Y. Although God Y was a girl herself, she was never referred to as Goddess for some reason. The origin of God Y was that she was born in a neighboring Empire, which was Faastania Empire, northwest of Lieben Kingdom.
God Y was born as a poor child in the Empire. One day, the Empire was brought in war with Haisen Empire, a rival empire of Faastania Empire. The defeat of Faastania was caused by the attack of spies from the inside. They lost all hope when the royal blood was captured.
But God Y, as a young girl, stood up and rallied the army’s forces, winning various campaigns and finally defeated Haisen Empire and the rumored demon that controls Haisen Empire.

Awarded, she became a knight for the princess she admired, but for some reason, she was called a monster for her magic. “Regeneration”, a magic that automatically regenerates your body like a lizard’s tail. But her “Regeneration” skill was more faster than expected. That monstrous skill was what endangered the people of the Empire. She was rumored to be working for the demons, but that rumor died soon. The Prime Minister of the emperor, manipulated the whole court to execute God Y for her monstrosity that could be dangerous to the empire itself.

All but the princess voted for it. Rather than an execution, it was more of an assassination since it was unannounced and it was sudden, that the sword struck her body. What was mysterious is that the Regeneration skill did not come to effect. Maybe it had a weakness, but no one really knows.

The next ones are the five Heroes, or their so-called predecessors. These five Heroes were summoned 2000 years ago by the King of this Kingdom in order to protect themselves from the Demons that was winning the war. They were named as the Sword Hero, Lance Hero, Knuckles Hero, Bow Hero and the Staff Hero. These five worked to defeat their one and only enemy. The 12 Demon Lords and the Demon King.

Not much can be said to them, but after defeating just one Demon Lord, they vanished into thin air, without a trace or sign. There was no explanation to why this happened, but rumors said that the five Heroes were returned to their homelands via their one and only God. Y.

After that explanation, MC had one theory, the only way out of this world was to defeat a single Demon Lord. But this might not work or there is a low chance that it would work since it hasn’t happened many times.
But that was only his lead to a way out. His family must be worried for him now.


MC looked at the king that looked like he might have wanted to say more but pretended not to see that. The king just shook his head and turned his attention to them.

He wandered more around the churchyard, being given free time by the king to look around. He etched in his mind the beauty of the environment. The churchyard’s breeze was very comfortable and the flowers made it calmer than the stagnant sea. The trees swayed as if dancing to the wind. He smiled gently while seeing this happen.

There he happen to chance upon a beautifully made door. Going inside, he walked down a stair.

So there was a basement in the churchyard. He declared it to himself.
Walking down more, he looked around at the various sketches etched into the walls. It was scary since it was dark, like a horror movie. Finally, he ended upon a room, seeing again the statue of God(?) Y and the five Heroes. Was it the same room from earlier? It had the same entire decoration as for the earlier one.


He glanced upon a sculpture that wasn’t there before. A short beautiful long-haired girl with a strange dress, specifically a Gothic Lolita. Holding a katana-shaped wooden sword(Bokken) that rested upon her shoulders.

Who was this?

But that does not matter now since there was no one to answer, anyway. More importantly, he now knew that this wasn’t the same room as before, since it is hard to move sculptures such as this large ones.
Finally, he went outside seeing a group of boys that surrounded him. It was Ryan and other boys from his class.

Remembering what happened in the courtyard, he felt nauseous, seeing them smiled evilly at him. He wanted to avoid this happenings, he wanted to not experience this type of bullying all of his life. That was why he avoided as much as possible.

Since the students Ryan and the other boys bully was no longer there he was their target to be bullied.


Cursing his life, he repeatedly said the word in his head. Ignoring the fact that they were laughing.

He wanted them to get out if his way but it was useless to fight. The fact that they are stronger was still there and will ever be there. Cursing his fate, he smiled wryly at them as they prepared to their fists.




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