Chapter 03: Shops’ Names And Slave Mark

Tanaka inhaled the fresh air around him.

It was his first time in a while that he had gone outside his dark room. The sight of the walled city from the castle was still the same as before. Yet the way he viewed things before and after was different.

Dark feelings overwhelmed nostalgia. His hatred towards the city was still overwhelming him even now. And now, he no longer had anything to do with this city. He had received his money for 6 months and the letter from the king for permit to port cities and guilds.

The city was filled with houses made of rocks, just like in his world in the medieval ages. The road was also made of rock. The people, he saw, walking on the road happily buying from the market, while the beggars begged for food and money, being ignored by the rich men and middle-class ones.

The church standing tall with the cross at the top. Seeing this made him sick. Since the church was one of those that despised his existence, he also despised theirs. ‘Heretic’, ‘Apostate’, they called him. But that was only music to his ears. He grinned from ear to ear as he imagined the hideous faces of the priests shouting at him while being blind to their ways and too blind to see the state of the land’s people. Only thinking of their long-lasting satisfaction.

He went down the stairs that head for the castle and arrived at the city that surrounded the castle. He went on passing every corner of the city looking for shops that would buy him fine clothes but not too fancy or elegant since it would attract attention.

Looking at the store where a sign “Armor! Best-selling”.

The heck, is this store a novel or something? He retorted in his mind. But still he continued and went inside. The place was filled with armors and clothes of varieties. From light armor to the heavy ones. From ugly to too much elegance.


A big man behind the counter greeted Tanaka. He was bald and tall with pretty muscular body. He was the one responsible for running the shop.

“I’m looking for a leather armor and clothes,”

Tanaka huskily said. He was still not used to talking to others being trapped in his room for long. The big man smiled and looked inside his store.

“Young man, are you new here? Or let me ask, do you even have money to pay?”

The big man indirectly insulted his dirty clothes since Tanaka was wearing the clothes he wore at his own room. But he has no other choice since he had no other clothes.

“Here, full set of leather armor and a shirt and pants.”

The big man threw him the leather armor and a shirt and pants. He tried it on and there was a strange feeling. Of course, he wasn’t used to wearing armor. He also tried to wear the clothes the man gave him.

“It’s perfect, how much?”

“3,000 Lis for the leather armor and 200 for the clothes,”

“Eh? 3000? Isn’t that too expensive?”

Lis was the currency here in Lieben Kingdom. And Tanaka, who was amateur at this things, did not know how much were the armor of the other Heroes.

“What? It is a bit expensive for a leather armor, but this one is imbued with a Black Stone,”

Tanaka flinched when he said ‘Black Stone’. He had read a book about Black Stone before. It was a stone literally black, allowing no light to pass. It had special effect to boost your physical abilities to your limits. A very nice armor for adventurers who delve in dungeons and caves since those places have dangerous monsters.

But really, the leather armor was expensive so he hesitatingly bought it at the price of 2500 Lis after haggling a bit.

After that, he went through the streets searching for a shop that sells weapon and there he found a shop named “WEAPONRY SHOP FOR SALE!!”. He ignored the sign and came in, seeing a young red-haired girl standing right in front of the door. The two of them looked at each other for a moment, the girl staring at him blankly and then the girl came back to her senses.

“Ah, welcome!”

The girl greeted Tanaka with a business smile. Meanwhile, Tanaka looked around at the store. Not that many weapons, but it seems they are all high quality. He took a sword, not very decorated and looked nothing special.
He looked at the girl while holding the sword and asked,

“Who’s the man that made this weapon?”

“Eh? Well, it’s me, why?”

“Who’s the man that made this weapon?”

He repeatedly asked, not trying to believe the young girl who just pointed herself. This had made the red-haired girl angry.

“Oho, a customer?”

An old man came in. His clothes was ragged but not as much as Tanaka’s old clothes. By the way, Tanaka was wearing the clothes he had bought earlier. If this old man had told him that he was the one who made this weapon, surely he would believe in it.

So he asked.

“Ah, no no, this girl was the one who made it,”

The old man denied Tanaka while pointing at the girl. He stared at the young girl with unbelieving eyes. This had made the girl a little bit suspicious about him.


“What’s your name?”

“Lizette Kampfwagen,”

Her name was a bit strange, but he ignored it and pulled out his money. He took out 500 Lis as the price tag says and handed it to Lizette. Lizette was baffled.

“I’ll buy this shaggy sword,”

He said that and left the store leaving Lizette and the old man that was smiling happily. Tanaka looked at the sword one more time. Such a fine sword, he thought. He had never seen a sword like this. A perfect sword with lovely sharpened edges.
It was a sword which could rival a perfectly made katana.

Next, he was thinking that he would buy a shield since there was enough time. But suddenly,

“Tanaka Sei…,”

A low girly voice called out to him from behind and when he turned around, he found someone he expected to be behind him. A short golden-haired girl with crimson red eyes, her body that could be called a flat board.

— Light.

He made an irritated face seeing how she was the last person he wanted to meet. He stood beside a post where he rested his back.

“What are you doing here?”

“You… Did not want to help me, but King, you accepted,”

He wasn’t sure about her answer since she cut the answer too short. But within a moment he realized what she was going on about.

“You do know that there will be no benefit for me if I helped you, right? That’s why I accepted the King’s request,”

He said it so casually that Light believed in it. Of course that wasn’t his real intention. He had to hide the truth from Light since she would go to the King and reveal it. Ah, but it doesn’t even matter anymore, right? Since he was about to leave the city.

“Then! Help me, too,”

“Be my slave first,”

It was unintentional but he just stuck to his own words. The “Be my slave,” phrase was getting too old, so it was somewhat an awful and cheesy phrase. But with this, Light should withdraw since being a slave was out of the question for her. Was what he thought.

“I understand,”

Light nodded and cutely grabbed Tanaka’s sleeves. He had expected a no, but it seems that she was more desperate than he thought. Ariya must be that important to her, but that doesn’t matter anymore. The fact that she wants to be a slave just for revenge on a dead person was idiotic enough for him.

He had given in on Light’s stupidity and pushed her hand away from his sleeves and patted it. Although he wanted to go alone, Light might be of use to him. On the other hand, Light was feeling anxious. She was desperate to avenge Ariya’s death by the hands of the Demon King, but she was still doubtful of her decision. Tanaka was still weak if she was to think, but he was the only one who can help her. She desperately grasped the katana she was holding. The katana that Ariya made himself, a treasure which she could not let go.

“Fine, then we shall go to the slave market and have you have a slave’s mark,”

He declared loudly. Light was surprised of his decision. She was sure he declared that statement to wave her off of him, but he agreed to let her come even though if it is as a slave.

A slave’s mark was a mark that certifies a person is a slave and this also gives the slavers rights to order the slave and when the slave refuses, this mark glows and burns the slave’s soul, bit by bit, hurting the slave and letting him give in.

They went to the slave market with Light as a guide since Tanaka doesn’t know the city that much and saw a suspicious man. He gives off an aura that was not to be approached easily. Tanaka went to this man and presented Light.

“Ohhh! Such a beautiful young girl! I could use this attract more people!”


“Hah? She’s going to be MY slave, you senile old man,”

Tanaka grabbed the suspicious man and gave him a scary look while Light was silently giving the man a stare to death. They did not come here to sell Light off to someone, even though it would be easier for Tanaka if that was true, but as said earlier, she might be of use to him.

The man shook off Tanaka’s hands and apologized with a wry smile. Tanaka sighed with his furrowed eyebrows. He was wasting time for sure.

“But by the looks of that girl, she isn’t a captured Demihuman yet she had the will to be a slave, this is interesting,”

The man went inside a tent nearby followed by Tanaka and Light, muttering to himself while being heard by Tanaka. Why would he know that Light was willing to be a slave when she’s this expressionless? Tanaka wanted to ask that but refrained to.

The tent was filled with various equipment which was horrifying to look at. Tanaka thought to himself, ‘I might’ve mistaken that this guy was a slave trader but he must be a torturer instead.’

The man, grabbed a quill with a magic circle embedded on it and a knife and bottle which he gave to Tanaka. Tanaka understood what the man wanted him to do and cut his arm with blood spilling onto the bottle. Now that this was done, the man let Light sit on a chair near his table and then cuffed her hands to the chair.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Asked Tanaka who was calmly watching. “This will be painful so I’m not letting her go rage in here,” was what the man replied.
He then dipped the magic-embedded quill into the bottle of Tanaka’s blood and then drew something on her left hand and chanted:

“Let the body, her body, be chained by the wills of god…,” and so on.

Another was drawn in her right hand as Light calmly watched the man chant. The man finished his chant after two minutes and then the mark on both of her hands glowed and searing pain was felt. She screamed loudly that even Tanaka was surprised that she was hiding this heck of a voice.

Writhing in pain, she screamed for more than an hour and a half, which she already lost her strength to do so. While she was screaming in pain, Tanaka watched with satisfaction.
That might be the reason he remembered Light’s sin to him. He remembered Light who tortured him a long time ago. She, as usual, wore an expressionless face but he knew, that behind that expressionless face, was a girl smiling evilly. Grinning from ear to ear while she bend his arms broken, as he writhe in pain.

“It seems you’ve calmed down,”

“Haa…, haa…,”

Light breathed roughly like a perverted lolicon watching a child. She couldn’t speak, but although there was still pain, it was not worse than before. Now without handcuffs, she hugged herself, sweating, still remembering the pain from earlier. Tanaka pulled her hand roughly, pulling her out of the chair she was sitting and paid the man 1000 Lis.

Now that Light was already Tanaka’s slave, he left to search for the carriage already forgotten of the shield.

When already there, the carriages, his first time seeing it, were all rather elegant. He was thinking of wooden and uncomfortable carriage, but this was far more great than he expected, and far more worse than he thought,

This carriage was high-class so it’s obvious that the price also was. He looked around the variety of carriages. Since carriages have no definite value of their destination, he searched for someone who offers a low price since he was already out of his budget for the day.
He saw someone offering 10 Lis, a low price indeed. He came to the young man named Albeit.

“What a fair young lady you have there. Your daughter perhaps?”


“I-, is that so,”

Tanaka denied this fact hardly for he did not want people to think they were related whatsoever.

“So where are you two going? You’re adventurers, right? Let me guess, the dungeon town of Schweinz?”

“Not even close. We’re going to the town of Bergstadt,”


Grasping her katana tightly, Light retorted with a confused face.




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