Chapter 02: Blue Gem And The Fake Hero

MC and the other students were taken to a large courtyard. Crowds of soldiers were there, hitting each other with wooden swords.

“These are our soldiers training, they seem weak, but they’re harder than a rock,”

Prince Leon confidently said.

Prince Leon was seemingly attracted to one of the students. A girl, that of an eastern beauty, filled with elegance. Ichinomiya Akari, a black-haired Japanese who was coincidentally the most popular girl in the school, with alluring eyes and smooth skin. She was admired by most female because of her kind personality. She was always with the girls and often with the popular boys, so the guys with a low status in school and in society did not had the chance to talk with Ichinomiya.

Prince Leon tried to get closer to her but just ignores his moves on her.

“Father, is that you?”

A woman elegantly came in with her graceful dress. She had a long brown hair and aquatic blue eyes with a somewhat voluptuous body. She attracted the male students which were glared at by the girls except for Ichinomiya.

“Here is my daughter, Princess Alicia Florida Violette de Vatche, I named her after our own brave ancestor,”

“You can call me Alicia,”

Princess Alicia, for a moment, stared at MC, who was staring at the soldiers training, and then diverted her attention to Mark Lorri, the popular-type in MC’s class. His hair was blonde and he was the type to go all “Justice!”.

What was strange was the odd behavior of the king, who was staring at MC now and then with hateful eyes. Although MC did considered this as an illusion, the feeling was getting more frequent by time.

“Now then, it is time I explained to you what and how the “Heroes” differ from normal Humans,”

The King sat down at a chair and started to explain.

It was a long explanation but if it was summarized, it would turn out like this.

In this world, there is a thing called “Status”. It shows your physical strength, magical abilities and etc. Normal Humans has low-based status, having low physical abilities and magic prowess at their starting point, which can be improved by small amount. While summoned Heroes have high status and can be improved by much larger, by learning and by training.

These Heroes are also granted unique abilities. And these magics are Hero-class magic which is stronger than Normal-class magic. Magics are ranked by classes, from lowest to highest. Elementary-class, Normal-class, High-class, Mage-class, Hero-class, Saint-class and Divine-class, respectively.

There are also different types of Heroes of which they have different specialties.
Healer-type Hero, Support-type Hero, Attack-type Hero, Tank-type Hero and the Killer-type Hero.

The Healer-type Hero, as the name suggests, specialize in healing, so they have unique Hero-class Healing Magic. While the Support-type Heroes are ones who specializes in support-type magics, such as Strengthening Magic and Fortification Magics. You could also call this as buffs, in games.
Although “healing” can also be called as “support”, it does not go with the Support-type Magics. The Healer-type and Support-type Heroes were the only one with high magic abilities.

The Attack-type Hero is the one who specializes in attack magics and also has a high physical strength, while the Tank-type Hero specializes in Defense Magics and also high physical defense.
While Defense-type Magic is almost the same with Support-type Magic, the Defense-type Magic only works on the user itself, while the Support-type works on everyone including the user.

Lastly, the Killer-type Hero was the most strangest of them all. The Killer-type Hero has both high strength and magic abilities and has no Hero-class Magic. It can also be called an all rounder or a Jack of all trades.
While being called the Killer-type, it does not necessarily mean it has a high capability of killing, but instead, is a good replacement for a Hero if he’s down or defeated.

That was the end of it.

The King then showed them a blue gem. He said that it was for projecting their own status.
By applying blood to the blue gem, it would recognize the blood’s owner and would calculate the most appropriate estimation and it would use Projection Magic to show the result.
This was developed by an expert in Magiology, a study of the arts of magic and its technology.

“So, I would like to see all your ‘Status’, if you’d all like, please step forward one at a time, to be able to see your own ‘Status’,”

Mark, was the first one to step forward. The king showed him a blue gem and

Name Mark Lorri
Level 1
Class Hero(Attack-type)
Strength 125
Defense 105
Magic 77
Magic Resistance 64

His stats were high, MC was surprised by this, even King Eidrian, Prince Leon and Princess Alicia was surprised. That meant that it was higher than an average person.

King Eidrian had explained that an average person can have a status of all 20, meaning, Mark’s stats were about 5x higher than an average person.

But what’s bothering MC was the game-like status window. It felt like they were in an RPG or something. He would like it if it was really a game, but no matter how you would see it, it’s as real. Others stepped forward following Mark, who has a high status. Surely they weren’t gonna be beaten by a popular guy like him with no gaming skills. Of course, they’re result was amazing, but it couldn’t be seen if who was stronger with just status. Others have a concentrated area, others have a unequally distributed status, few are equally distributed status.

Prince Leon was grinning happily while seeing their “war potentials'” power. After all, they were driven by the Demons to summon this large number of Heroes. It even cost the lives of innocent people just to get them.

Princess Alicia, meanwhile, was staring at Mark who was smiling innocently for his own high status. Her heart was beating hard like never before. It must’ve been love, is what she thought.

Anyway, Mark, as everyone could see, was a believer of justice and believed that everyone has good in their heart. A naive belief, if MC were to say.
Meanwhile, MC was trying to hide his excitement in his heart from the “another world” genre. It was like in any other novels where one would be transported, like the ones with the wardrobe and the talking lion.

When Ichinomiya’s turn came, all stares were directed at her. She would surely be a Healer-type Hero, everyone thought. MC was also starting to get nervous for some reasons that cannot be explained. Even he does not know it himself.

She reached for the blue gem, grasping it and feeling the strange smoothness of it. Dropping a bit of blood from her arm, she nervously held her wounded arm and saw her status.

Name Akari Ichinomiya
Level 1
Class Hero(Healer-type)
Strength 68
Defense 59
Magic 500
Magic Resistance 650

“Cheat”. The word that could be associated with the one and only Ichinomiya. Although the person herself does not notice it, all the others knew how much of a cheat she was. Not even one could reach a status of 200+. She went all confused by the reaction of her classmates.

“Um… I wonder what’s the problem?”

(YOU ARE!!!)

All of them went shouting in unison inside their minds when she asked that question. That girl was totally oblivious was what they all thought.

Anyway, after all of that, it was MC’s turn. He stepped forward, heart beating nervously, he wanted to have some of that cheat status, too. But just when he grasped the knife, he felt, again, that dark eerie feeling. Just when he turned to face the king, just for a moment, he saw, the hatred-filled eyes of the king staring at him.

He felt chills all over his body. Again trying to deny that fact, he shook his head and went to continue and pricked his finger until blood came out, dropping into the blue gem turning into red, like the others.
What showed was,

Name PwA?Üš¿£êAjñ (MC)
Level 1
Class Hero(FAKE)
Strength 10
Defense 10
Magic 7
Magic Resistance 12

He was shocked. He had an error with his real name and yet his nickname, MC, was still there. The thing he did not want the most was there. In fact, the only reason why he was called MC was for being the most average person in his class. More Common than the others. Not having one special thing. That was why he was called MC by his classmates including the kindest person, Ichinomiya.

But there was something that was worse than his name error. It was his awfully low status that even an average person could beat. He, or they, were surprised. A hero that had low status cannot even exist. A hero that even an average person can kill, that is.


MC looked frightened when he saw the king’s face smiling evilly. Dark emotions filled his minds.

Can’t be. Can’t be. Can’t be. Can’t be. This cannot be.

“Well, that’s unexpected,”

A boy came out ruining the awkward silence. He was one of MC’s classmates. A very well-known bully who had many victims of the past. Ryan.
He was a scary-looking guy but he was not that buff. He had a dyed blonde hair, his left ear was pierced and he had a dangerous-looking eye.

MC’s life took the worst turn and he knew this for a fact. Since Ryan has no target for bullying, he had the feeling it was his turn to be the victim. Haha, he laughed inside, smiling wryly as he got closer and closer to him.
He gritted his teeth as Ryan went to him and patted his shoulders. Ryan lowered his face to MC’s ear and whispered,

“Sucks to be you, huh,”

MC’s mind went blank and his vision turned dark as he fell down. Seeing this his classmates went to him, but his consciousness was no longer there.

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