Chapter 01: Past And Present

MC had awakened at a voice.

Opening his eyes, he saw a large glowing drawing of a eight-pointed star enclosed in a circle.

Magic Circle.
Those words came to his mind.

He looked around and found familiar faces. His classmates.

They were also inside the Magic Circle. He had looked around more and found that this wasn’t an ordinary room. A room with chandeliers and walls that loomed over them. It was medieval-like instead of a more normal, modern room.

Surrounding them were humans wearing dark robes hiding their faces. 8 of them, each standing on one point of the star. A young man came at them. His face was that of a looker, but his hair was an unnatural aquatic blue, same could be said with his eyes.

“Welcome, Heroes! I appreciate your acceptance to our calling,”

He quickly tried to grasp the situation. At this point, he could deduce that it was another world.

At least, it was true for the novels that he had read. But recalling what he said, ‘Heroes’, that was proof enough for him to think of that.

“I am Leon de Vatche, the second prince of this kingdom,”

The young man introduced himself to the bewildered students. He stepped carefully not wanting to dirty his elegant clothes towards them.

“I am sure you are confused. Come with me and my father, the King, shall explain,”

They followed Leon, not having a choice at all since they were in a confused state, noisily through the hallways and to the throne room where the king sat by his throne patiently waiting for the students to come.

“Father, I have brought the Heroes,”

The king looked like a stereotype king, having a long gray beard and hair. His face was intimidating, the look of a fierce warrior.

“Oho, Heroes, sit by the tables and listen to my story,”

MC and the others obeyed quietly. They accepted reality quite fast, that they were having no problems with the situation.
The long tables were elegant, with gracefulness in its flowers and lovely smell of dishes of food.

The king, King Eidrian, explained the whole situation. The summary of his explanation was simple.

This world has four main races, the Humans, the Elves, the Demihumans and the Demons. Although originally there were seven races, they were divided into four, the Dwarfs were joined with the Elves race; the Angels, whom protect the world, also known as Guardians, were joined with the Half-Beasts, forming the race of Demihumans and lastly, Monsters and animals were somehow excluded with this fights.
Anyway, these races had lived for long in harmony and peace, just when the disaster came.
The beliefs of these races became separated and they argued about it. These beliefs lead to many creation of religions and these religions brought misunderstandings and these misunderstandings brought war to the land.

After suffering heavy damage to their lands, the Elves and the DemiHumans backed off at the war.
However, the Humans continued to fight against Demons until now. The Humans suffered endless defeats and loss territories but did not wavered since they’re fighting for their own God, Y. While the Demons fought while singing the song of their own Goddess, Mayajifu.

They had called Heroes to fight for them and end the human suffering, but they all failed and died against Mayajifu’s 12 Demon Lords. But that was when they summoned four Heroes at a time. This time, they tried summoning a whole bunch of Heroes.

They were sure they would win.

— But that was only for them.

MC only thought of this as selfishness. Their selfishness consumed him and his classmates and was sent to another world just to fight for someone else’s country.

How idiotic. But this brought a new life to MC. An average man with an average appearance and intelligence. He was neither strong nor agile.
He was just an average man with a boring life, listening to others’ orders and obeying them. He was also never bullied for he was boring and he never helped those who are bullied. You could also say he was just an observer.
A man with nothing to do but stay silent and watched the surroundings judging actions based on situations.

He was excited for his new life in another world where he becomes a “Hero”. Saving people from the 12 Demon Lords, getting famous, just like those protagonists in novels.


He shivered with fright having realized that something was wrong. King Eidrian was staring at him with hatred.

But…, (That was a lie, right?)

Right, there was no way the king would look at him like that. The king, although intimidating, was kind. So that was impossible.
He engraved this in his mind. He looked at King Eidrian and was smiling at him.

He smiled back. Not knowing the future of his own.


Waking up abruptly at the sound of footsteps, the man tried to stand. Shivering in cold, his skin was slightly pale and his eyes stared coldly at the door.
He never imagined that a day where he was visited by so many guests would come.

The creaking sound of the door made him alert of his guests. A man with elegant dress entered with a few men dressed like soldiers following behind him.

“Tanaka Sei…,”

The elegantly dressed man addressed the shabby man. Meanwhile, Tanaka stared coldly at him.
Opening his mouth, he said,

“King Eidrian, or should I say Trash?”

“Hey you-!”

A young man came in front, but King Eidrian stopped him.

“Stop it, Leon, we did not come here to argue,”

“Hoh, so you’re saying you came here for a different reason other than staring at a useless garbage such as me?”

His words pierced the heart of the king. Now, it was harder for him to beg in front of him. And yet, he mustered up courage and knelt down with his head on the floor.

“Please save this kingdom! I beg of you! Lend me your help saving this Kingdom of Lieben! I’ll give you anything. Money, fame, power, women, anything, just please save humanity from destruction!”

Tanaka was flabbergasted. He never thought of the King, no, the Trash, to swoop so low as to beg for his help.
He smiled, laughing at the Trash’s misery.

“AhAHAhAHaHA, so you’re going to ask for help to someone who’s been treated like some kind of cockroach and now you’ll beg for his help!? Are you all insane!?”

The King knew it was nearly impossible for him to help them since he was treated differently from the deceased Heroes. But he still believed that he might change his mind and help.
After a few minutes, all was quiet. The guards standing still, King Eidrian still kneeling down, Prince Leon staring angrily at Tanaka and Tanaka himself was quiet after laughing. After thinking, Tanaka quietly nod to himself.

“Fine, I’ll help.”


The King suddenly rose his head in delight.

“With three conditions,”

“What are those conditions?”

The King gulped down, thinking it was an impossible conditions, like having his daughter, Princess Alicia, be his wife or something like he’ll own the kingdom.

“What’s with that worried face? I’m not going to take your daughter or anything. Besides, I don’t want that girl of a trash who can’t do anything but fawn over barbaric men.”

This had somewhat relieved the King and also had angered him. Insulting the King was one thing, but insulting his daughter was unforgivable. But he was in no position to be consumed by his wrath. If the negotiation with Tanaka failed, all is his fault. He tried to restrain himself.

“These are my three conditions: One is to give me money for 6 months of adventure, half is this trashy kingdom’s currency and half is the universal money,”

“Second is to give me permission to join in guilds and enter port towns and also to never stop me at boarding ships,”

“H-hey, the second condition has too many orders!”

Prince Leon tried to interfere but was ignored with a ‘hmph’ from Tanaka. Meanwhile, the King, now standing, listened to his conditions.

“Third! To never interfere in whatever I’m doing, you can not, or rather, you must not interfere with things such as whichever direction I’m going or whatever, you must never interfere with EVERYTHING,”

There was a few moments of silence after declaring his three conditions. His conditions was somewhat hard for King Eidrian, having the first one as a talk of money and having all the guilds and ports open to him is nearly impossible, because you must do various examinations and have legal documents to be able to join guilds and enter ports, that’s why letting him freely enter and leave would incur wrath from those who’ve managed to have permissions from guilds and ports. The last one may not be a problem to them, because observing him is the only thing the king needed.

“What? It’s impossible for you, Trash? Even though you’re a king?”

“Urgh…, Somethings are impossible even for a king since no one is above the law.., but for the sake of the kingdom, I’ll accept your conditions,”

“That’s the king for you…, I’ll be expecting that to be done by tomorrow. By then, I’ll leave here and try to defeat the Demon King,”

The King was relieved, the “Worthless” Hero would be helping them save the country. Although this was his honest feelings, he was somewhat ashamed of what he had done in front of the “Worthless” Hero. He had only done this because of the prophecy that a Hero can only defeat a Demon King.

While they leave, Tanaka, from behind, could be seen laughing secretly at the Trash’s idiocy.



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