Chapter 22: Hafenstadt And Departure

“Momo stop clinging to that disgusting thing!”

“Stop calling me like I’m some kind of sh*t! You, stop sniffing my hair! ”


“Light, instead of growling help me!”

“Ah, geez, Momo!”

Charles watched as he walked down the paved road. He thought to himself, ‘They really get along,’ as the group in front of him became rowdy.

Momo and Hany had joined them recently, just two days ago and these last two days they’ve learned about how they had become the famed War Princesses and the time the two met each other 5 years ago.

It happened when Momo was 14 years old and she ran away from her home to Lieben Kingdom, searching for her teacher that trained her the art of battle and was in the Peco Forest. She had encountered monsters of large groups. She was in trouble and Hany, who had been there searching for herbs that she needed for her grandmother as she wore a red hood, helped her. This became their first memory of fighting together.

After that, they became friends and had gotten pretty strong and had participated in the Arena and won all the way, making them the famed War Princesses 2 years after which was 3 years ago.

Light was a bit uneasy gaining two more members of the group, although temporary. However, she did not had a reason to shove them away nor does she have the authority to, so she could not do anything about it. Above all this uneasiness, she had also seen that the girls, especially Momo, were dangerous as that they could seduce Tanaka any moment. That was why she was growling and snarling at the two. Plus, even though Tanaka always pushes her away, he wasn’t reluctant enough to push Momo away from himself. She knew the reason why. It was those bountiful chest that was seducing Tanaka.

Momo not only have curvaceous body, she also was showing her skin as opposite to what Light was wearing (white coat that was at the length below her knees, black mini skirt and black knee socks). Hany also had clothes showing less skin than Momo.

But with all that Light was thinking, Tanaka’ s train of thoughts were, this is annoying, that is somehow annoying, this girl is annoying. An endless irritated thoughts were all coming to Tanaka’s brain as if he had been hit by a train.

Nonetheless, they were proceeding quite quick regardless of their rowdiness. Although they had met a few monsters such as a horned rabbit which was not a threat and was killed easily, a few goblins which was quickly annihalated and four black ogres which was a bit tough but was all beheaded by Light. The War Princesses helped them by also fighting. As always, Tanaka and Charles was just standing there watching as they put an end to the fight.

As for Charles who could see the red string of fate, Momo’s was, like Light’s, bonded with Tanaka’s pinky finger. As for Hany’s… He had no right to pry further.

A few accidents had happened like Light biting off of Tanaka’s neck again and was punished by making her sit on her knees with heavy rocks sitting on her lap for three hours. This was a heavy punishment considering that this was more harsh than the earlier ones a few days ago. Hany ignored this but Momo asked kindly that he let her off the hook, but was ignored by Tanaka.

At last, the city came into view with the ocean’s blue reflecting the midday sun’s light. The city was prosperous due to it being a trade point of both Lieben Kingdom and Nyanpan Empire. Carriages of merchants came in and out of the city as they entered. Before entering, they were stopped by a guard asking for their permit (since port cities were strict) and Tanaka showed the trash’s letter and was free to go. Grey buildings stood tall, towering against each other, with roofs that were painted with light red. The city was filled with lively people as they walk around nonchalantly, seeing the variety of wares that they sell. The busy crowds around every corners were dealing contracts and other things like that. There were not only humans that was in Hafenstadt, but also quite a number of Demi Humans that were trading Nyanpan Empire’s goods.

It was as if they entered a different country rather than a city. Hafenstadt was more lively than Hertz, the capital city. And just as if it was brought by a harmonious peace, the Demi Humans were getting along with the Human race. It was not like in the novels that Tanaka had read that Humans had discriminated the Demi Humans.

They walk along the streets of the city as Light adored every jewelries that she had seen. Well, as a girl, Light was very fond of jewelries that she had kept every rings and necklaces that Ariya had bought her. Tanaka ignored her adoration and continued towards the port where he would buy a ticket to a ship.

“Hey girls, we’re not suspicious but you want to go have fun?”

‘We’re not suspicious’, best pickup line ever.

A group of muscular old men had surrounded the three beautiful and graceful girls who were together at the back. As to other people, they had looked scrawny and weak just like an elegant beauty, but to those who knew them, they were fire that burns anyone who plays them. Tanaka, as usual, ignored the rowdy bunch behind him and continued on. Seeing this, Charles could not help but follow him since he was too weak to deal with muscular guys.

“Are you okay with that? Those guys are hitting on them,”

“I’s okay. Whether or not they join those guys is not my problem,”

They arrived at an intersection of roads where heavy-loaded and transport carriages pass through the streets to any direction. According to the port’s direction, they went to the right and as they walk, the place’s atmosphere changes from a streets of households, mansions and small stalls to a busy and lively streets of the market where here and there were shops that sell quite a large number of fishes (considering at how they were nearby seas) and meats of different kinds.

“Lord Tanaka, Light Crimson has arrived,”

Appearing suddenly like a ninja, Light performed a genuflection, as if she was a knight being honored by her king.

“Sorry, darling♥, we had something to take care of earlier,”

“Hmph, I can understand why an elegant beauty like me would be hit on,”

“Unfortunately for you, an elegant beauty such as you doesn’t exist. You were only with these two so they had no choice but to invite you also,”

“What do you mean by that, retarded old sh*t!?”

“I meant exactly what I said, there is no such thing as elegance and beauty in your dictionary,”

As Hany and Tanaka threw insults at each other, Light tried to catch his arm, swinging both of her arms, but was a miss.


Light pouted and as an effect, Tanaka rubbed her head without being rough or gentle. Purring like a cat, Light enjoyed her head rub.

At last, the port came into view and the five were greeted by the cold breeze of the sea and the smell of saltwater. Painted wooden transport ships filled the port. Some were heavy cargo ships that were ready to depart. There were people in the port that entering the transport ships.

“Now then, where to buy those tickets?”

“Isn’t that it darling♥? That white-painted building,”

“Is that so?”

Tanaka and the others went to the white building and sighted few different counters and maybe one of them were selling tickets. Tanaka asked one of the employees.

“Where can I find tickets for the transport ship to Nyanpan Empire?”

“Ah those are personally sold by Barron Einzwei,”

“I see,”

The employee pointed out to the handsome guy who had quite a mysterious air around him. His unnatural dark green hair and eyes can catch a woman’s attention and his expensive-looking clothing shows that he was of higher caliber than the others.

“Excuse me, you’re the Baron here, right? I heard you’re selling tickets for transport ships to Nyanpan Empire,”

“Ah yes, I am. The price for this ticket would be 30,000 Lis. It is quite pricy but I am sure that this is a satisfying price,”

“Well, that is pricy but I think I can pay,”

Considering that they were seven, he grabbed his bag and took an amount of 210,000 Lis, paying also for Hany and Momo.

“Oh my. Darling♥ you don’t have to do that,”

“Yeah, I can pay my own self,”

Tanaka ignored them and took the 7 tickets that Baron Einzwei hand led to him. Baron Einzwei was quite surprised at his group. Three beautiful and graceful girls who were young and was in his strike zone.

“Quite young and beautiful ladies you have there,”

“Ohoho, you jest. But you are fancy yourself,”

“The truth is, I, the Baron of Hafenstadt, will also ride the transport ship you are riding so let me be your guide, my lady,”

“Ah, un…,”

Hany put her smug face on but was ignored and instead Baron Einzwei held Light’s hand with gentleness as he stares straight into her lovely crimson eyes. He had ignored the Slave Marks that was on the back of her hand. Light, surprised by his remarks, just nodded quietly. Hany became pissed and was of equal thinking with Tanaka to just leave the building and get on aboard on the ship.

“Ah, we’re now boarding the ship, sorry,”

“Ah, wait please, my lady,”

He ignored Baron Einzwei and dragged Light outside of the building. They continued on and went to the respective ship that was called “Lati Na”. A guard just under the stairs of the ship, checks their tickets and let them aboard the magnificent ship. The deck of the ship was quite rather simple, but with the looks of the number of sails and the masts that the ship had, it was most likely a barque.

“We’re already leaving Lieben Kingdom, huh?”

“Tanaka, you’re getting lonely?”

“That’s not it, Charles. It’s just that I never imagined that I would leave the kingdom,”

“Lord Tanaka…,”

“Well, darling♥, it’s not the time to talk about sentimental things. You have to put your luggage to your specified rooms,”

“That’s right Idiotanaka,”

“It takes on to know one, birdbrain,”

Going to the inner works of Lati Na, it was the start of Tanaka’s departure and the closing chapter of the arc of Lieben Kingdom.




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