Chapter 21: Hany and Momo

“Wha-, what the heck are you doing here!?”

The blonde childish girl shouted as she saw Tanaka with the other two and another two more that was unrelated to Tanaka. Tanaka was surprised at why she yelled at him while asking him.

“Er, sorry, who um…, are you again?”

“Wha-, you don’t know me!?”

“Come now, Hany, I’m sure darling♥ is just forgetful, teehee♥,”


The other girl was a tall and fair woman. Much taller than Tanaka. She had an appearance so strange, she had attracted Tanaka’s attention. She had a jet black hair, her horns standing out and a wagging tail. But, he didn’t remember the tall girl’s name or why was she calling him darling.

“That’s right! He perfectly recalls our name! Grimopy and Theala!”

Another pair came out with proud and mighty voices. One was a muscular man calling himself Grimopy and the other was a dark-skinned woman, Theala. Both of them took a weird pose that was hero-like but Tanaka deemed it as stupidity.

“Wait, wait. This is the first time I’m meeting you all so stop saying things like we met somewhere else.”

“Lord Tanaka…, doesn’t remember?”

“I kinda see that coming from Tanaka’s personality. Hahaha,”

Tanaka looked at them both seeing that they knew the four. But he did not really see the four before. He truly believed that it was his first time meeting them. He thought that he had a gap in his memory that he was not aware of.

“”WHAT!? Really!? You mean, you don’t know any of us!?””

“Yeah, that was what I said,”

“Oh my. Then I have to remind you of how you rammed me with that big thing of yours♥,”


“Momo! Stop talking nonsense! He just hit you with a rock!”

Light suddenly became aware of Momo’s intentions and Hany was stopping Momo on her tracks.

“Sei Tanaka!! If you don’t really know, refer to chapter 14!!”

After that last match they had, Momo was kind of weird and was out of it. She had began daydreaming a lot that Hany, her bestfriend was totally worried. Momo had begun to talk while sleeping, murmuring ‘darling’ and such. One time, she was annoyingly moaning and groaning that irritated Hany. Until recently, she was staring out at the window of the carriage as they were going to Lichtenstadt. She was looking lonely, as if her husband had left her. Yes, Momo was…, In love!!
This was the revelation that Hany faced. It was a bit hard for her since they had tasted their first defeat(in a sense of pride) and she’s dealing with the Momo-in-love problem. Seriously, she had wanted to give up.

As to what the both of them were doing in Lichtenstadt, the both of them were going to Nyanpan Empire, Momo’s motherland, through Hafenstadt. It was the first time since forever since Momo had visited her country and was also the first time Hany visits. As Momo hadn’t been to Nyanpan Empire, she doesn’t know if anything had changed or none at all. She was a bit reluctant going home but as long as Hany was there for her, she had thought it would be alright.

“Ah! You’re the Bar Princesses, right?”

“B-, it’s War Princesses, you sh*thead!”

Tanaka teasingly said as if it was fact but was quickly retorted by Hany’s foul mouth. She just found out that Momo had been in love with Tanaka, the one who threw her a rock to the face.

“”Don’t forget about us, the Grim Crushers!””

“Charles, let’s go on already. I don’t want to waste anymore time,”

“Alright, if you say so. But wouldn’t you want your daughter to stop sending sparks at the War Princess?”

“Okay. Slave, let’s get going already,”


They completely ignored the Grim Crushers and set on their journey. Walking past a few houses that were still decorated as per yesterday’s festival, they stopped on their tracks as Tanaka looked behind him.

“Will you please stop following us?”

“What!? We’re just taking the same f*cking road as you are!”


“Now now, Tanaka. Let them be for now,”

Tanaka, to Charles advice, let them be. They went further and out of the town where the wondrous field appeared as if advertising the bountiful nature of this world. A refreshing air surprised Tanaka as they walked in the paved road which leads to Hafenstadt. As always Light was carrying the heavy luggage and Tanaka and Charlse have little to carry. Tanaka only carried his important things such as his blue gem and a map. Charles had a bit more luggage than Tanaka but it was more of sentimental things such as his memento and such.

They, again stopped in their tracks just to see the two at their back. Momo was smiling with an angelic face while Hany was just irritated. She was making a face saying straight, “I hate this.” It was as if she knew that they were going to the same town. No, it was that they WERE going to the same place. This was the only road to Hafenstadt and was the only city that could have a boat to lead them to Nyanpan Empire. The reason why Hafenstadt has the only ships leading to Nyanpan Empire was because of the order of the Emperor to secure safety in their trading. Having too many ports to go to was a bit unsafe towards the Emperor so he only had one port open to him.

“We’re NOT following you, okay!?”

“Right, right,”


“So you’re also going to Hafenstadt, right?”

Momo asked the obvious, but what she had meant was that she was excited to go with Tanaka, her loved one. Kyaa!♥, she wanted to shout.
But Tanaka was just bothered by her aggressive way of showing her affection. Or maybe it was not an affection at all and just a mere teasing. Well, it was strange for her to attach to him like this.

“Ahn, darling♥, you don’t have to be shy,”

She grabbed Tanaka’s arm but he shoved her just like he does with Light as she gets to his bed. Light was acting like a cat who was seeing an enemy who steals her food. Food, he thought. So that was it. He was Light’s food. As expected of a glutton.

“Well, if you’re going to Nyanpan Empire too, then why don’t we all come together?”


Charles was just as always. A carefree guy who always thinks, ‘the more the merrier’. As a reaction, they all refused except for Momo who would love to go together with Tanaka. She had already imagined various things they would do at Nyanpan Empire. For example, introducing him to her own family and going on a date in a festival. She was also thinking of a romantic ferry.

“Well, darling♥, you haven’t gone to Nyanpan yet, have you? Why don’t I guide you?”

“Momo! I don’t want to go together with them! They’re our rivals!”


Hany and Light were sending sparks between them as they had a glaring staring contest. He thought of it and it wasn’t a bad idea. Although they had a map, he weren’t sure if they wouldn’t get lost since none of them had ever been to Nyanpan Empire. If she would gladly guide them to the capital city, Ibuki. He had been reluctant since he didn’t want to deal with them. But since Charles and Light seems to be having fun with them around, he gave in and accepted their company.

With this, Tanaka’s group grew and thus, heading towards the end of Lieben Kingdom, Hafenstadt.

“We were ignored, right, Theala?”

“We sure were, Grimopy,”





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