Chapter 19: How about Being An AntiHero?

It was all white. Rather, it was a field of white lilies that seemed to flutter endlessly with the hot breeze as if summer had come. It was like I was standing here, too, not long ago. Well, if I had to notice, a human-like figure could be pointed as well.

I say human-like but she is very humane that you might as well say that she is. I took a glance at her appearance and what can I say, she’s very eye-catching. Her unusual silver grey hair that was long enough to reach her hips, the white shark-like teeth, her unusual loli gothic dress, her skin where some places had visible scales, and lastly, what caught me the most is her dragon-like eye that fiercely threatens my very own life. Her very appearance was that of the so-called preceding AntiHero, Just Ririth.

She glanced over me with a smile.

“Yo. You’re the new one?”

Ririth’s casual tone caught me off guard. It was as if she had been used to that kind of informality. No, it wasn’t as if, but it was because she had been used to it. I had developed this hypothesis just a moment ago but that girl is from Earth, right?

According to the trashy king, the four heroes were summoned from our world and Ririth, according to that old hag that looks like a young girl, appeared approximately 2000 years ago exactly 2 years prior, which means that there is a high possibility that Ririth is from Earth given her attitude and her informal speaking unlike any other beings in this current world.

As I thought of this, Ririth had already moved in front of me.

“So? Have you already finished your thoughts?”

She calmly said this and I nodded, signalling for her to start explaining things that I don’t even understand such as what does an AntiHero do? I had already know that he is to save the world, but how? Mayajifu had only explained to me that this world was in crisis but in what way? How can this green-filled planet be in peril?

“Tsk, tsk. Sei Tanaka, as you are asking too many questions to yourself, I would like to help you by answering that,”

She said, puffing her chest and continued,

“Mayajifu had only explained to you in simpler but rather hard to comprehend terms but I’m going to further elaborate,”

“As you know in physics, there is an equilibrium that states the balance of two opposing forces, such as process and its reverse has an equal impact on the state of the surroundings. You can say that this equilbrium applies to this world as such in Earth.”

“So you’re saying that there is an interference to this equilibrium,”

“Right. Anyone could pick that up. Anyway, this world’s system supplies the Natural Magical Flow natural Mana. As you know, the nature of this world depends on the Natural Magical Flow so if there is a lack of natural Mana or worse, the supply of natural Mana is depleted, then, you might as well say that the world is already dead.”

I see. That means that there is a greater force that disrupts the equilibrium causing an imbalance. Also, the world’s system depends on equilibrium and as such is now disorganized and trying to fix the certain disruption in the equilibrium by means of giving more natural Mana to the lesser force to equal the greater force. Thus, this means that the Natural Magical Flow would be circulating natural Mana much lower than what it is. Then, if that is true, what would be the cause of this disruption?

“The cause of this all would be the ones you bore hatred to. The people who had led you to the pinnacle of hatred and evilness,”

As to answer my question in my mind, she talked with a deep voice filling with dark emotions. It was as if she was the one who had hatred to the ones I hated instead of me. Considering her answer, the ones whom I hated all this time was clear. It had been too clear to me all this time. Of course. It was the…

“”The humans,””

Both my voice and Ririth’s synchronized as we both said the same word. Hatred had overwhelmed my desire for escape and revenge had filled my voice as we both smiled with the dark emotions that disintegrated our view of the light. Only the shadow remains.

Ririth explained to me that the humans had used a ton of natural Magic Power in summoning all the Heroes and before that, they are continuing to exploit the uses of natural Mana in an undesirable way. These cause a negative effect in the force such that there is a greater force, which is the humans, and the lesser force which is the other races.

If that was the answer all along as to how to deal with this situation, I would love to answer their expectations to kill humans that interfere with the balance of the world. Of course, I have an ulterior motive about this. Ahaha, with this, I would begin my expedition of killings.

“I suggest you head to Nyanpan Empire first, before doing anything crazy,”


“That’s a secret, of course,”

She smiled teasingly and turned her back at me. This girl had the same feeling that I had felt. Maybe it was because she was an AntiHero, too. What about Nyanpan Empire? I was thinking of going there but now I’m a bit suspicious about going there. When someone tells me to go somewhere, it makes me feel doubtful.

“Then, I must be leaving but first, let me ask you a question,”

She turned around, twirling making her black frilly skirt spin around like one would have wished for, and smiled devilishly at me.

“How about being an AntiHero?”

This again? I thought I had already answered it to Mayajifu. Well, it’s not as if it’s too trouble some. I opened my mouth and said, “Yes, I would love to.” It was as if this short time that I had spent here was a bit valuable since I’ve acquired many information as well as a plan on what to do in the future. I would like to thank her but was stopped by her as she put her finger on my lips.

“If you want to return to your own world, then find me,”

As Ririth began to fade away literally, she spoke of a nonsense even none could answer, even if taken in a metaphorical way. She also added, “By the way, I’m a guy,”


WHAT!? She was a HE!?




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