Chapter 17: The Boy And the Unknown

Ariya was expecting a bit more dangerous monsters but it was more like full of goblins which was a disappointment to him. He had naturally thought that this was harder than the upper floor but seems not so likely.

The floor, 2 floors above him, was certainly dangerous that he had felt it threatened his life. He was a bit nervous about climbing upwards. Like something was squeezing his neck with power. Thinking this, he saw a door to a room at the end of the hallway. It was a large door with exotic carvings that portrayed winged men looking at the dead.

It was how he interpreted it. The truth was that it was abstract and Ariya just caught all images he could see.

Anyway, the door felt almost like the one in the tenth floor of the dungeon. A large dangerous beast must be lurking, but he felt no longer fear in him compared to when he was in the tenth floor and from the upper floor.

He opened the door without a hint of hesitation and then, what laid before him was candles that lay on the ground as in a ritual and followed a pattern of a circle that surrounded.., that surrounded a naked girl.

Pale white skin, golden silky hair, petit body that seemed very delicate. She looked like a doll except for one thing. Her blood-colored eyes that seemed to produce hell towards those who’ve seen. Those wicked eyes that gazed upon him had scared millions of men but not even a moment did he flinched upon this. But the monstrous aura that filled the room chilled his body. Such strong aura. A much stronger aura than that of the two floors above. Luckily, the chains had her secured tight as not to let her rampage. Chains that extended towards two statues at both ends of the room.

“Who’re you?”

He glared at the girl. He had few theories about the girl. One was that she had lived down here for a thousand years considering she was a monster. This was the most possible theory he had thought of.

“W…, who, am.. I?”

Her low voice resounded across the room. Her tone was that of a person who did not know of the answer. Her hand, then, suddenly raised, reaching for Ariya. Chains clank with the sudden movement.

“Na…, Name, me…,”

Ariya, at that moment, was aghast. There was no way he could name a person he’d just only met yet he contained his composure and thought of his first impression towards the girl.

“Light. Your name shall be Light,”

Ariya proclaimed as to answer her plea. Light, with her expressionless face, began to yank the chains with her own strength, destroying the two statues that held her chains and setting her free as if a bird that flew out from its cage. Ariya just stood without a word but he thought to himself, “The heck!? She’s this strong and she had never been freed in the past?”

Light began walking towards him and slowly smiling as she took each step at a time. But as they faced each other without a word, the ground shook around them. The two statues that Light uplifted weren’t really statues. They were gargoyle monsters.

Well, they WERE gargoyles but one wouldn’t know with that pig face of theirs. The grotesque figure of the gargoyles that brought to their unproportional bodies with that of their little wings. They growled at he two but did not fazed at all. Rather, they were beaming with killing aura that one would fear.

Ariya drew his sword which was literally a dagger. The dagger was looted from the goblins that he had slain. He faced the two with his readied weapon but Light got ahead and kicked one of the gargoyles with her left leg. The gargoyle smashed into the wall, cracking its stony pig face. Ariya cast an Elementary-class magic which was “Water Blade”. Water Blade produces water on a hand or two and compresses the water to which it makes a sharp edge and slices the enemy.

The gargoyle took it head on and sliced its left arm and at the sane time, Ariya charged in and slashed with his dagger. The gargoyle’s body was chipped but Ariya’s dagger broke. He quickly cast Water Blade and slashed one of its legs. Then again, not even waiting for the gargoyle to counterattack.

On Light’s side, she was dodging the gargoyle’s attacks with speed no one can match. Then, as the gargoyle’s fist came to him, she threw her arm in the air, both fists meet. The gargoyle’s arms were made of stone, Light’s were flesh, yet, with strength, the gargoyle’s arms broke into pieces like a doll being hit by a truck.

Ariya, on the other hand, dealt with the gargoyle by mercilessly slashing the gargoyle with his Water Blade. With his almost infinite Magical Flow, he had no worries about depleting his Mana.
Light’s eyes met Ariya’s and she smiled tenderly, breaking her expressionless face.

Ariya was surprised at the sight that laid before him. The beautiful girl that was strong reached her hand out to him. Ariya knew her intentions and grabbed her hand gently, like shaking hands. Both of them shared the bond that day and they would face greater challenges along the dungeon.




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