Chapter 16: The Forest of Peco and The Fight With the Giant

Name Sei Tanaka
Level ∞+
Class AntiHero
Strength ERROR: Too High
Defense ERROR: Too High
Magic ERROR: Too High
Magic Resistance ERROR: Too High

Tanaka looked at his status on his blue gem but he found out that it was useless since it always said “ERROR: Too High”. So he just knew that his status was too high to be numbered by the blue gem.

Also his level was ∞+ which was a truly not saying enough. I mean, it’s too strange for him to be too strong at just one nod of a head.

But AntiHero, huh.

[An AntiHero is a savior of this world basically,]

[This world is having a problem with the balance of energy. All the races are causing this world imbalance in energy.]

Mayajifu said all that but what am I supposed to do?

Tanaka wondered as he rolled along on his bed. He stood up and looked outside the window. The sun was shining brightly and he could see many people to be working quite happily with a stupid face.

It had been 5 days since the Arena’s Pair Event so he was just laying down with nothing to do at the inn. Light was out shopping for materials they would need because they can’t rely on Charles and the carriage. The Peco Forest was a dangerous place filled with high level monsters and you could say that it would be stupid to go with the carriage if it just slows you down.

I mean, it’s a forest so you would know not to have a carriage when travelling in a forest.

Tanaka went outside to get some fresh air.

He had planned to head out today so that they could arrive in Nyanpan Empire earlier. Actually, they were here for 5 days because Tanaka was trying out skills and testing how much Mana he had. It seems to be beyond infinity since he went all-out at magic that the place was disastrous. He paid for the casualties he had dealt.

“Lord Tanaka, Lord Tanaka, are we already going?”

Light showed up holding a bag of supplies like food and water and materials like herbs and whetstones to sharpen their weapons. Tanaka glared at her. He had intended on getting fresh air not bad mood. She realizes this and looks down meekly.

“Your precious daughter did a good job so why don’t you pat her in the head?”

Charles showed up out of nowhere with his usual happy-go-lucky atmosphere. It also had been 5 days since they saw him and he still hadn’t given up on their father-daughter relationship.

“As I said, she’s not my daughter,”

Tanaka looked at Light who was looking at him with upturned eyes. He felt that she was begging for one. He tried to ignore it but he can’t. He just can’t get rid of his past self who was always dawdling at cute things.

I guess just one couldn’t hurt.

Tanaka lightly patted Light’s head while facing the other way. Light was a bit surprised but more delighted as she smiled innocently which no one could see because Charles was smiling while looking at Tanaka’s shy face.

“Well, shall we go?”

After Tanaka rubbed Light’s head, Charles proposed to leave.

“What? You’re coming? What about your job?”

“It’s more fun to be with you than to do my job. Plus, I’ve already got more money than I ought to so why not join your travel?”

“Well, I can’t take you, is what I want to say, but without a guide we’ll never get anywhere so I’ll leave it to you,”

“Leave the navigation to me,”

Charles grinned.

They head inside the inn to prepare for the travel. They bid farewell to the inn’s owner and left the gates without the carriage. Charles told them that he sold his carriage to some nobility.

There was a bit more road before entering the forest. There, Tanaka felt the sense of danger, yet he felt that it was more of an adventure if there was danger. He hadn’t told them yet but Light and him could beat the hell out of the monster coming right at them.

They entered the forest, which light was dimmed and not much noise could be heard. It had an eerie feeling. Like someone’s gazing at them with killing intense. They kept trudging and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger yet it feels that they were not getting closer to the place.

Tanaka decided to ignore. And Charles decided to tell stories about Peco Forest. Well, not exactly like legends or tales, but more like history.

There was this Demihuman girl who made friends with the goblins. The story started when the girl was lost in the forest and saw a goblin. She went up to the goblin and talked to them and saw they were friendly. That’s why when she realized that the goblins where in a desperate situation, she helped them.

The goblins, then, spread the rumors about her with the other monsters and she was hailed as the Lord of the Forest here in Peco Forest. And now, she was known throughout the world as one of the 12 Demon Lords.

“Well, you see, there are rumors about her fortress being in here but no one had seen it,”

The story was about 2000 years ago, so no doubt that the fortress was already gone. But what was strange was that the girl had communicated with the monsters which was impossible for anyone.

“That was a true story, right?”

“Well, there were others,”

He started to talk about her being once human then became a half-dragon due to being eaten by it, but it was more like a lie rather than a fact. But Tanaka was more curious about the girl whose name wasn’t even told.

“Yeah, that’s strange, right? My mom said that the king forbid to say her name as it was a sin,”

Well, she was one of the Demon Lords so that must be why.

They were walking for two hours when, suddenly, a growl was heard. It was at the direction where he felt the strange gaze. That must be it. Charles, Light, and Tanaka all focused on the direction of the noise and suddenly Light flinched and dodged while pushing Charles and Tanaka away.


A rock smashed into the ground at the place where all of them were a moment ago. Cracks formed in the intense impact. They looked at the rock twice the size of a man.

The enemy can throw that thing!?

They braced themselves as the ground shook every moment. The trees they saw bent, opening a way for a huge rocky monster that was over 15 meters. It had a paint glowing with blue all over its body.It had the skin of a rock and gems as his eyes. Vines and the moss filled him camouflage as not to see him very clearly. But, with this size, there was no one that could not see it.


The giant roared with its low heavy voice. All of them braced themselves as the giant lifted its gigantic hard hand and began to lower it with speed.

Tanaka immediately cast Defensive Barrier on a wide area to cover the whole team and also on max Magic Power. Fortunately, the giant’s hand were stopped by the enormous barrier. Light, then, jumped with the sheathed katana grasped in her hands.


Light drew the katana with speed mid-air, cutting the palm of the giant and destroying its hand. Sadly, the giant had another hand so it smashed her on a nearby tree that fell after the impact. Light stood up as if unscathed and hastily ran towards the giant. Noticing this, the giant again tried to smash her again but she was already in reach of the Defensive Barrier Tanaka cast.

Tanaka prepared for another spell. He thought of various spells like Spark or Fireball which are both elementary-class magic. But now that he thought about it, he had played this game where this type of monster(rock) was weak to water-type monsters so he chose a water-type magic which is also a Mage-class.

He created a ton of water out of nowhere and then also produced wind magic which made swirling effects which caused the water to flow in spiral making a waterspout.


Charles watched as Tanaka controlled his magic like crazy. Light, on the other hand, was expecting that she could finish it. Tanaka saw her determination and stopped his magic. Well, he also would not want to waste precious mana.

“Finish him, Light,”

“N, Lord Tanaka….,”

Light nodded and headed towards the giant that was already wet and a bit unsteady with great haste. She ran on the giant’s body like a boss and jumped at the moment her left foot landed on the giant’s chest making a distance between them.
Light drew her katana and raised it.

Dark shadows gathers from nowhere to her sword creating darkness on the sword. The giant was waiting for her attack to strike. It must be confident. Charles, on the other hand, was amazed with the events and magic that was shown before him.
She then held her katana firmly and then,


Light produced a mass of shadow as she slashed towards the air. The giant took on her black mass of shadow head on.

Light’s slash passed through the giant like a thin wet paper. The giant’s rocky body fell into two parts destroying trees in its way. There was this giant’s last howl of despair as it fell.

“That was tough,”

Tanaka wiped his forehead without sweat. Seriously. Tanaka had not known that Light had that showy sword technique. He honestly thought that that was cool but whatever. Light was his slave. She would obey him if he asked her to teach him anyway.

Charles was shouting “Amazing!” this whole time and Light walked slowly towards them with her usual expressionless. They thought it was all over but not a chance.

The giant went back up again in one piece.

“Damn, this giant is super tough,”


Tanaka complained and Light quietly agreed. The giant focused its eyes on Light. It must be because she dealt her a fatal blow. They, again, braced themselves for another fight with the giant. A round 2, so to say.

“Alright, alright, that’s enough, LOL,”

A girl’s voice came out of nowhere. Her voice was young like a child’s. Tanaka and the two were quite surprised when they saw the owner of the voice.

A woman in her early 20s showed up. With her long brown hair with the same color of her eyes and her voluptuous body. She was quite short but not shorter than Light.

Her clothes were like a witch’s if not for her witch hat. The woman smiled and said with her young soothing voice,

“You are Sei Tanaka, am I right?”

She pointed towards Tanaka’s direction.




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