Chapter 12: Peco City And The Arena

Light, again, was sitting on her knees. This time, their heavy luggage was sitting on her lap. She was in the position about an hour. Her feet were numb and it was more intense than yesterday. Her red eyes were like that of a puppy begging for food.

Tanaka was sitting on the bed. Coldly staring at her while caressing his wounded ear.

‘This damned vampire,’ he thought.


She made another sound which made Tanaka sigh.

“Haa, your punishment is over,”

She carefully stood up and fell down with her knees shaking. He went and grabbed a carrot and showed it to her. Light seized it with her mouth and nibbled it like a rabbit.


She finished eating it and stood up, never feeling any shaking nor numbness. They went towards the bar, where there were foods being served. Ordering their usual order, a roasted chicken with soy sauce.

They went out to the streets to wander about. Tanaka had said, “We don’t need to hurry and leave, since there are good sights here,”.

They were sightseeing at clothing shops, weaponry shops, market, libraries and jewelries.

“Tanaka-sama, Tanaka-sama, there is something going on at this place,”

Light pointed at a circular building with its entrance full of people lining up.

— Arena.

A place where two combatants fight for people’s entertainment. This was also used by Romans where the gladiators, the prisoners, were put to fight beasts or another gladiator for people’s entertainment.

Tanaka gulped at the sight of the Arena and wore a wry smile. He would never had thought that there was this place in here. This world’s too similar. Too similar, if you ask me.

“Let’s go there,”

He confirmed his resolve and walked towards the entrance. They waited at the line for two hours that Tanaka almost gave up.

“If you’re going to register at the arena, you should go line up there,”

The guard at the entrance pointed at the inside of the Arena where there is a counter for registration. Light and Tanaka went there.

“A pair, huh? There is an event going on for pairs. It’s called Pair Event, you could sign here and show me your gems if you two want to join,”

Light nodded at Tanaka’s eye contact. They signed their names on the paper the man showed. Tanaka also rummaged his pocket and pulled out his blue gem.

Wait! Does Light herself have the gem?

This had made him anxious. But even if she has one, her unreasonable stats would show. Either way was terrible. He does not want to show off but not having to participate is also out of the choice. Which one was better?

Of course he’d back off. He wanted some reward money but there was no need to sacrifice himself. Also, there were many ways to earn money such as guilds and such.
But by the time he decided, Light already pulled out something from her coat. A blue gem. She had already given out the blue gem to the man.

“That’s an awfully low stats for someone joining this event,”

Tanaka was surprised at the man’s remarks. He also checked it and was bewildered.

Name Light Crimson
Level 1
Class Swordsman
Strength 21
Defense 24
Magic 20
Magic Resistance 20

Did she tampered on it?
He just sighed and showed the man his blue gem and the man checked it.

Name Sei Tanaka
Level 1
Class Hero(Fake)
Strength 25
Defense 75
Magic 10
Magic Resistance 14

He did not say anything this time. He must be thinking that they were weaklings out of place.

The man explained the rules. The rules were simple. First is, you should not kill your opponent at any circumstances. Even though this is the arena, you should avoid murder. If a pair surrender or lose consciousness, the other pair wins. But if the pair does not surrender even with lethal wounds, the fight would be stopped by the Ruler, the person in charge of the arena, so that there are no deaths.
A friendly sparring match you could say, but more intense and has rewards.

And another was to not harm the audience at any cause. Although there are barriers to protect the audience, a powerful magic may break this.

Any others such as dark magics were strictly forbidden and such  were stated. Other than that, clothing and weapons does not matter.

“In a Pair Event, should you defeat all enemy pairs, the reward would be 150,000 Lis, the second one will be awarded 100,000 Lis, the third would be 50,000 Lis,”

Tanaka flinched at hearing this. The rewards were so expensive. This should be a good price. Light could destroy them with one hit considering her unreasonable strength so this should be easy. They heard the man mutter “Such newbies entering a professional event and thinking they would win? How stupid,” and laughed.

“Lord Tanaka, he is very stupid,”

“Don’t point the obvious,”

They whispered to each other as the man led then towards the waiting room. They walked down to the basement where the rooms await them. Men with large build filled the place. They were wandering about with their scary faces. Women who were also participating were wearing revealing clothes, not as armored as some of the men.

They entered the room where there is an eerie atmosphere. The room was painted with yellow which made it a bit bright, but the smell were of a filthy rat.

“Light, show me your katana,”


Light tilted her head with a question but gave it anyway. Tanaka unsheathed the katana which he had never seen since long ago. The shining metal of the katana was beautifully made, the hilt was decorated with a black gem and exotic markings. Ariya had probably made this.

He gave back the katana and looked at a piece of paper that the man gave them before leaving. He said it was an important paper, so he took an interest in this and looked.

Group A

Sei – Light pair VS Grim Crushers
Black Harvest VS Bald Group

Beast Bears VS Leo – Leona
Dark Knights VS Blue Oceans

Mirri – Gai pair VS Back Slashers
West Heroes VS Vikings

Skull Killers VS Green Sword
Silent Riders VS War Princesses

This was only group A so there would be a group B. Obviously, the winner of Group A shall fight the winner of Group B. He does not have the list of names for group B but he needs to know his enemies for now.

Grim Crushers, this pair is….

… he doesn’t know. They must be known in this area because the man had just said that this was a professional event. But he doesn’t know.

Well, they were weak to Light so whatever.

“Group A Sei Tanaka and Light Crimson, please follow me,”

A young man opened the door and called. It must be their turn.
They followed the man and they ended up in a gate leading to the arena stage.

“Welcome people! We are happy to see you all. You are now going to see the Pair Event battle! Let us introduce to you, The Grim Crushers, Grimopy and Theala!!”

The emcee called out and the gates of the opposite side of Tanaka and Light opened. A large cheer was brought in the arena as a big muscular man came out with a dark-skinned woman.

“Next is, whoa, a surprise! Two newbies will fight this two popular crushers. And their name is, Sei and Light!!!”

The gates opened and they went out. There was no cheers but confusion takes place. Who were they? No one in this arena knows except Charles who was one of the audiences. He shouted, “Go Tanaka and Light!” which made him stood out.

‘Damn, Charles was also there,’

“Light, use only 10% of your strength,”

Tanaka whispered to Light and she nodded with determination. The other two, Grimopy and Theala was grinning.

“Such young couple, what a joke. You think you, newbies, could beat us?”

Theala, the woman, tried to provoke them but they just stood there, ignoring her. This annoyed her, making her click her tongue.

“You’re damn cheeky, brats, I’ll send you to hell in this fi-,”

“Stop it, Theala,”


“They’re just kids that will suffer hell, so let them be,”

Theala nodded at Grimopy with a smile.

“Well~! Let’s get this fight started. Ready, fight!”

The battle has started, both their enemies moved at the same time. Grimopy moved swiftly to Tanaka and Theala to Light.

“Heh, you’re too scrawny!”

Grimopy threw his right hand in the air to throw a punch on Tanaka, but he just stood there staring at Grimopy smiling from ear to ear. Either Tanaka was too slow to react or he was brimming with confidence in his defense status. What the audience and the two thought was the former. But they were all wrong. They were all surprised.


“How did that happen?”

Grimopy was suddenly in the middle of the air closing in on the arena wall. What he saw was a little girl wearing a white coat threw a punch on his stomach. Flying in the air was one thing, but blood flowed through his mouth.

Theala was surprised. How could Grimopy be hurt from a little girl’s punch. Plus, that little girl closed in between Tanaka and Grimopy in an instant. It was like she teleported.

“Damn bitch! Taste my sword,”

She drew her sword from her waist and ran to Light. She slashed at Light but dodged it, just grazing the dagger and lifted her leg and BAM!

A kick in the liver made her kneel, blood splat on the sandy ground. What the heck’s with the little girl’s strength? This is unbelievable.

Grimopy stood up. He was having a hard time. His stomach was still hurting. Like a dagger stabbed his stomach many times. Like he fought a bull that swagged his horns at him.

“Dammit, you little brats,”

He ran at Tanaka who was being defended by Light and fell. He was unconscious.
Light nodded at Tanaka’s signal to finish Theala. She grabbed Theala’s hair and pulled it upwards so the her face was at height with Light.

Theala looked at Light’s eyes and made a dark expression. She fell silent and fainted.
There came the silent atmosphere. It was just for a moment but the emcee recovered from the shock and broke it.

“I-, It is unbelievable, Sei and Light has won over the Grim Crushers! The winner is Sei – Light pair!”

The audience were all in a daze. Such happenings in one moment was too much for them. Charles, on the other hand was clapping his hands, ignorant of his surroundings.

Tanaka left the arena with Light following him. He was smiling happily after seeing the ridiculous faces of the two. He now thought of a good way to use Light.




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