Chapter 15: Alive and Alone

He woke up with the darkness that surrounded him. Ariya assessed his situation with confusion.

He was dead, was what he thought. He felt his arm which he thought was eaten. He wondered why it was still there. He stood up, his knees shaking immensely. He hadn’t had food since before he met the lizard monster.

There were many questions to be asked. Like, why was he alive? Where was the lizard monster? Where was he?

Hus surrounding was very rocky. Much like a cave that was underground. Maybe he was still in the dungeon or it would be a miracle if this wasn’t. He looked around more and found a small brook. It flows endlessly like any other but something was strange. Its smell. There was some kind of smell that can be told that differed from anything.

It wasn’t as bad smelling as you can think nor was it good. It was something out of the ordinary.

Was it poison?

He tried to test it by scooping a small amount and drank it. The water dripped down from his mouth to his shirt. He gulped down the water and put his hand on his chin.
Nothing. Just an ordinary water. He seriously thought that it was some kind of different water, not poison though.

His face went dark as soon as he saw his reflection. He remembered. He remembered how he was betrayed by Ichinomiya and his own classmates. He had sworn revenge unto them so he would do so. And now he had came back and he only needs to strengthen himself.

Everyone would think that this was impossible, even he himself thinks so too.

His hands went into the pocket and out carrying a gem. It was the blue gem that shows your status.

Name PwA?Üš¿£êAjñ (MC)
Level 1
Class Hero(FAKE)
Strength 16799
Defense 15000
Magic 12590
Magic Resistance 12055

Eh? What!?

Ariya was surprised. Why was his stats so high? A bug perhaps? But the gem looked  nothing like damaged. He began trying to test his strength to prove if it was damaged or not. He tried to lift a boulder twice the size as him. A success. Which means most of what was written in the status window was true. But the question was, how the hell did that happen?

He left the mystery aside and walked aimlessly around the cavern. Not a bit of monsters were lurking nor sound. Just his footsteps that can be heard echoing all the way to the darkness. His heart dies every time he thinks what happened earlier. Ichinomiya pushed him. That was a fact.

Well, that doesn’t matter for now. What matters was that he had to find a way to get out of this dungeon. He continued to walk with his already weakened legs leaning on the rocky wall for support.

After a few hours, he was already at his limit. He fell to his own knees. His eyes went dead for a second but recovered as he saw something move.

A dark green goblin looking at him from a distant. They stared at each other for a while. The goblin suddenly walked slowly to him. Ariya was ready to fight him as he stood up. But that was until the time he noticed that the goblin wasn’t alone. Hundred eyes looked at him hungrily.

He laughed bitterly at himself. He had his worst luck ever. He raised his fists. Even though he was weak, he was ready to fight.
The goblins who had saw this dashed to him with their weapons ready.

They slashed at him one at a time and Ariya took them because he didn’t had the strength to dodge. Blood spilled out from his body but pain didn’t reached him. He continued to take damage until he grabbed one goblin’s head and smashed it into the ground.

Blood gushed out as Ariya held the bloody lifeless head of a goblin. The ground that the goblin was smashed was full of cracks due to the impact.
Ariya noticed that he was more powerful than before. He had been 100 times, no, even more powerful.
Yes. The status that the blue gem had shown was correct. But why?

There were many theories that he could come up with, but that was for later as Ariya was still in the middle of the battle of one hundred goblins. He smiled fiercely at the surprised goblins. But once a second had passed, they recovered from the confusion and attacked once again.


Ariya stood alone.

Below him were piles of dead bodies of the goblins. Blood flowed like a river that was scattered around the cavern. Ariya stood still, thinking of nothing. Sweat filled his body but blood even more. He had received many wounds but dealt greater to the goblins.

He tried to recall the feeling while he slaughtered the goblins. How did it feel?

He felt great. The feeling when you vent your stress, your anger, to someone else while their faces were showing fear, pleading for mercy.

Oh, how it was fun to kill those pitiful goblins.

What if it was the Heroes he had faced, not the goblins? He tried to imagine their faces. Their pitiful bodies as their blood gushed out. While he pull out their guts, their livers, their lungs. While he smash their heads onto rocks, cracking their skulls and yanking out their brains out of their heads.

Ah, that must be fun.

Slaughtering them like pigs. How fun. Just thinking of it, makes him smile. His heart thumping hard from the excitement.

He slowly walked with his corrupted mind leaving the area and entering a narrow hallway which was like the hallway of the dungeon.
He guessed right. It is part of the dungeon.

But how would he know what level is he now?

Regardless of the answer, he continued to walk. The various exotic carvings on the wall were a bit different than what he had saw on the first ten floors. That would mean that he was in a lower floor than the tenth floor.

There was another question that has been raised.

Was it better to go up or down?

Nobody knows.

A few minutes of walking, he spotted the stairs heading above. It was the chance to go up. He smiled and run towards the stairs but something was wrong. A deadly feeling was felt by Ariya. As if threatening his life. He felt that if he would climb the stairs he would meet some kind of monster stronger than him.


But, if the upper level of this dungeon is dangerous, then the lower too would be but much more.

He had to pick.

Ascend or descend.

He decided to seek out the stairs leading down and check if there were strong monsters roaming around it. Although it’s a low chance for the lower stairs to have weaker monsters, he decided to try and find out.

While walking, he tried out magic skills like Fireball and Spark, which are elementary-class magic. Although very weak, he tried to max the Magic Power output to strengthen it more.

The products were for Fireball, was a larger area of the ball and a high explosive impact which makes it more stronger. For Spark, it severely damaged the wall and seemed to have much higher voltage than when you use a normal amount of Magic Power.
So maybe it wouldn’t be called an elementary-class anymore? A bit higher perhaps.

To retain his memory of how the classes of magic go, he recited it in a highest to lowest order. Elementary-class, Normal-class, High-class, Mage-class, Hero-class, Saint-class and Divine-class magic.

So if it were a little bit higher, it would be about in the middle of High-class and Mage-class.

There were others that Sir Vidad taught to the Heroes. There was this magic skill that is a Mage-class magic called “Mark X” where you’ll apply it to the one you touch and when you cast it again and hit that spot it would severely damage the target.

Sadly, he doesn’t know how to chant the magic and also doesn’t know how much Magic Power would cost. Since his Mana was limited to an unknown amount, he also wanted to try and get it as low as possible to see what kind of effects would it bring to the body. Like rough breathing, muscle aches or something like that. But the risk is too high so he was only thinking about it.

After spending a few hours walking, he finally found the stairs to the below. What was strange was, he doesn’t sense danger in here, rather, it just threatens you to bite you and suck off your blood like mosquitoes. That kind of feeling.




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