Tanaka’s POV

A tall black-haired girl dressed in frilly white dress stood in front of me. Her long hair danced with the cold spring breeze. A field of white flowers was what surrounded her. Her black eyes was the dark night and smooth white skin was a snow that fell in the winter sky.

She was very beautiful. But her face was, most likely, very familiar. Do I know her?
But first, where am I? Where is this? Why am I in a field? I was in a battle not long ago. Who is she? Who is that beautiful girl?

Many questions filled my mind like a flowing water.

The tall girl smiled and finally opened her mouth. But what she murmured was a complete nonsense to me. I did not knew what she meant.

“Would you like to be an AntiHero?”

After that she smiled again. But I completely stood silent, completely aghast at what she had said. I want to ask her. But should I ask?

“Who are you?”

Instead of a response, she just stood there without saying anything. I do not understand her. She stayed silent for a while until a breeze blew and white flowers flew everywhere.

“I am Y, or would you prefer me as Mayajifu?”

Y? Mayajifu? Weren’t these names the names of the human’s and demon’s God and Goddess, respectively? Was she lying? No, she totally looked like the statue from the church. Same goes for her dress. But what was doubtful was, is she really Mayajifu, too? As a God of the Humans, shouldn’t you not be a Goddess of the demons? I totally doubted her.

But if you believe in the beliefs of my world, then what she said must be true. That there is only one god in the world. That all beliefs come towards one true God
If so, then what the humans and the demons are fighting about is complete nonsense.
But if I am to say, as an atheist, I do not believe in such. That is why, I do NOT believe in her, either way.

“Oh, that took too long but you do not believe in me, huh,”

Eh? Did she read my mind?

“Yes, yes, I read your mind. That’s why all you are thinking, I can see,”

She smiled. But let’s see if you can read my mind this time.

“Oh, such bravery. Is this your preference perhaps? A flat chest huh? So I’m in your strike zone,”

She grinned as she read my mind. No wait, that was too embarrassing. Okay clear my mind.

“Alright, alright I believe in you, but where am I?”

“You are in my land, you could call it heaven? No, perhaps you could call it a ‘Mirage’, so to say,”

“A ‘Mirage’?”

“Yes. This place is something that manipulates and acts as some kind of illusion or dreams as to the perspective of a person or a living thing. You may call it as real but nonexistent as to how it does not exist in the first place yet existed,”

“What? So you’re saying is like Schrödinger’s cat?”

I thought that maybe she didn’t know what Schrödinger’s cat is, but I said it anyway. On the other hand, Y smiled like I had met her expression.

“Yes, the cat in the box. Both alive and dead. Like that, this place is an illusion which creates paradox, it defies science,”

I was in awe. She knows Schrödinger’s cat? How? I wanted to ask that question but refrained. I think if she’s reading my mind she would also refrain from answering.

“What is an AntiHero?”

“There is a long explanation to what it is but I will just shorten it. An AntiHero is a savior of this world basically,”

A savior of this world. A messiah, in other words. But what does this world need saving? Plus, shouldn’t a Hero be suited for this saving thing?

“This world is having a problem with the balance of energy. All the races are causing this world imbalance in energy. Plus a hero is only meant for fighting for humans likewise with the Demon Lords,”

“But what is the difference between the Demon King and the Demon Lords? They sure sound the same to me,”

“Ho~, a Demon King, you see, is one who rules all the Demons while the Demon Lords are one who serves the Demon King with loyalty. You can call them the Demon King’s most trusted generals,”

“Heh~, that’s new,”

“Also, while I’m at it, the Demon Lords are now sealed with the Heroes’ magic,”

Sealed? Oh yeah, I heard that from the trashy king that Ariya and the others had sealed them to destroy the Demon King. But I wonder how weak the Demon Lords were.

“Well, that’s it for my side. How about yours? Do you want to be an AntiHero?”

She did say that but what would I get from this? Is there some kind of reward? If she really is a God then she would reward me right?

I mean, I would refuse if there is no reward. No, that is too troublesome. I refuse to save the world without it. She knows this too.

“Ehe, this is what I like about you,”

She suddenly grinned as to destroy the elegant feeling around her. I flinched at her sudden change in atmosphere. Dark. Too dark. Her eyes were doing something crazy. Turning from black to red and red to black in every blink of her eyes. Her smile was like the pinnacle of evilness, wrath, revenge, darkness that would consume me if I answered wrong.

I tried to calm myself down and heard her say,

“You want revenge, am I right? You want revenge on those trashy humans? Then I will
grant you the power and then won’t you be satisfied?”

Ah, something stirred in my heart. Its painful. Swirling inside my heart were like chains that trapped me and when in motion it grips you tighter. Yes, that was what I felt.

I remembered that I was a person in chains. The chains that was called past. That was when I had my answer.

“If I can have my revenge then I’ll do it. I will be an AntiHero,”

I confidently declared with an evil grin and at that moment it felt like I fell from the sky.


I heard Light shouted as steel to steel clashed with each other. I was lying on the ground and what stood before me was the black-haired girl, Momo.

“Oh, so you weren’t dead yet?”

“Idiot! You can’t kill him! Are you stupid? Yeah your stupid. Was that why you tried to kill him, b*tch!?”

Hany was angry at Momo and insulted her. Still she had a foul mouth. For a girl to speak such things.

I stood up on my feet. Immense power surged through my body. I felt intense. So this is the power of an AntiHero. Never did I thought that I would feel my own strength.

“Well then, if I cannot kill you then I’ll just knock you out unconscious,”

Momo raised her club and swung to my chest. She must’ve thought that I would fly away again but not today, buddy. The club stopped midway. She had an aghast face. Of course, I never did lift a finger. For your information, I used Defensive Barrier which is a magic that could stop all magic and weapons. For its class, it might be the highest class, the Divine-class. I don’t know. It maybe or may not be. It just came to mind.

I also increased the amount of Magic Power on it so it would be much more effective. Its not like I’m trying to waste my Mana or anything, but I did wonder how effective it would get.

Is this power comes with the AntiHero package? Heck this is amazing, if so.

“The heck? This barrier is not just your everyday barrier,”

Momo took her club and jumped backwards. She must be wary of the barrier.

“Tanaka-sama, are you okay?”

Light made her way to me. It seemed like their little sparring was now over but it’s just that that made the audience make funny faces. Charles was stupidly clapping his hands like crazy.

“Yeah, but first let me use this,”

I touched Light on both of her hands. She flinched and had a face that looked like someone being electrified. Or you may call it blushing for short.


She squealed to the power I gave her. It was a magic called Strengthen. Again, I don’t know what class this is but I know what it does. To strengthen the target, no doubt. This is like a support magic that raises your damage that is inflicted to the opponent.

Must be some kind of package this is. I am really wondering how many magics did I learn from being an AntiHero.

“Okay, go forth and attack,”

I ordered her and Light’s hands begin to glow red. She obeyed with a nod and a somewhat cute voice. Agh! I must not forget that she’s one of those persons who ruined my life.

I turned to Momo who was waiting for me. Oh, such a nice girl. I cast another magic which flew towards Momo. She dodged but she had been grazed on her left shoulder.


She was really astonished at me. What did I do wrong? Nope, nothing.

“He used magic without a voice incantation!?”

Oh, that’s why. It must be really rare for people to do no-voice-incantation magic. Actually, if I remembered, none of those bastards Heroes did not seemed to use no-voice-incantation magic.

“Gha!? What the f*ck is this!?”

Hany shouted while being slashed by Light. That speed, Hany won’t stand a chance against Light.

“Hah! You’re defenseless!”

While I was paying attention to Hany and Light’s battle, Momo attacked me from behind.

Ah, sorry, I still have my Defensive Barrier up. Hehe, that confused face, if I had a cellphone, I would have captured it.

Sadistic? Yeah right, I am.


I smashed Momo to the ground with Boulder Bash. A fine name. It is an Elementary-class magic if my memory serves correctly. I think Lotte, my classmate, used this magic when I was watching them.

If you’re wondering what she would look like I’m gonna give you some hints. She’s got a curly light brown hair and her physiques were quite at the average if I recall. Glasses. She wears this huge circular glasses that made her look like some kind of magical boy from a certain novel. She was quite reckless and aggressive back then.

Oh, Momo’s unconscious. Should I have done that from the start?

I looked at the duo who were sparring.

Ah, Hany slashed downwards with her bastard sword. Light dodged with a high jump and landed on the sword with her two feet. Hany felt the weight of Light but she resisted and bore with it.

Bam! Bam!

Left, right, she punched with her full might that sounded very much like a truck smashed into another. The impact caused the wall behind them to collapse. Luckily, Hany and the magical barrier behind them withstood it.

Light leaped backwards and unsheathed her weapon once more. Hany, on the other hand, was very much beaten up but she held her ground.

She is strong. Pretty much stronger than one of the knights in that trashy kingdom or even one of my classmates.

Light swung her katana and Hany also swung hers making them clash. Hany staggered backwards with her sword flying in the air. Within that moment, Light spun and using that momentum she sliced diagonally, wounding Hany.

She fell on her bottom as blood gushed out from her stomach.

“Your… loss,”

“We surrender,”

Just about when Light pointed her katana at Hany’s throat, I spouted up what they would call nonsense.


The audience were all surprised, even Light and Hany. Momo’s unconscious so she didn’t respond, that’s no doubt. Agh… They’re looking at me like idiots.

“Ah, you need your partner’s permission to surrender in this game it is necessary for us to kno-”

“Haah!? My partner’s permission? Let me get this clear. She’s my SLAVE. No more no less. End of the discussion,”

I got pissed off and walked off. It got too boring that was why I surrendered. Money doesn’t matter anymore to me now that I have power for revenge.

“Light, follow,”

Light heard me and instantly obeyed while the audience were baffled at my decision. Of course nobody would ever turn down such money but I just shoved that idea off.

We left the arena and Hany who was bewildered.

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