Chapter 05: Trickery And Bergstadt

Light had a complex expression on her face, contrast in her usual expressionless face.

She never knew that she would be tricked sooner than expected. The town of Bergstadt was in opposite direction of the Demon King’s territory. That was why she was in a bad mood. The original plan was to go to the Demon’s territory ASAP, but headed for the opposite. Of course she had tried to ask why he would go there but got none in reply.

The carriage was very comfortable unlike the others. But the ride was rough since the road was very rocky. Tanaka, on the other side holding a blue gem, looked at it with grief. Seeing this made Light a little regretful. She might’ve been the one who destroyed him and made Tanaka this way. She tightened her grip on her hands decorated with her slave marks.

Name Sei Tanaka
Level 1
Class Hero(Fake)
Strength 22
Defense 65
Magic 10
Magic Resistance 11

His status improved ever since he was beaten by Ariya. But even so, he was weaker than all of the Heroes, that’s what to be expected of a “fake” Hero. Seeing his status made him feel vomiting. But he got over it and glared at Light. A glare with wrath mixed in.

“Light, here, take this,”


Tanaka suddenly threw something at Light, making her flinch but caught it without fail. It was a mint-smelling powder. But what about it? She tilted her head with a question mark that floated above her head.

“Use it when you have to bathe, it’s a must,”

He said it, but is this soap? Or a shampoo? She still held the question mark above hear head. Her innocent The man driving the carriage went smiling towards their lovely atmosphere building up, but one thing he didn’t knew was, that he was only imagining it. The truth was that Light was being submissive to Tanaka.

“So.., why Bergstadt?”

She asked again hoping for an answer rather than being ignored. Tanaka, again, tried to ignore her but this time he failed due to the annoying strong gaze.

“It’s because I’m too weak enough to defeat the Demon King,”

He lied. He lied awfully that he made Light believed in him. Truth to be told, he just wanted to escape. Escape that trashy king and his kingdom. That’s why he’s going east, to Bergstadt, and travel towards the port town and head for Nyanpan Empire. An archipelago that was just nearby.

He heard that Nyanpan Empire was one of the Demihumans that backed off out of war. And the Demihumans that lived there were ones with animal ears and tails. He also read that unlike Lieben, it had an eastern style feeling to it. Plus, there is harmony between Races, no war, no revolutions, and far away from the grasp of the Demon King. That was why this made it better to go to Nyanpan Empire.

He never told this plan to Light since she was gonna get mad. Although as a slave, he could control her, but he didn’t.

The sun, nearing to the horizon, was finally setting. The young man smiled as soon as he saw the town of Bergstadt. The lights of the houses lit the whole town, while the moon rises in front of them. A red moon that can be paired with Light’s crimson eyes. Tanaka glimpsed over how similar her eyes were to the moon. He wondered if she was a vampire or not.

Tanaka still glared coldly at Light, who noticed it and set her eyes down to the ground, showing submission.

The strength difference was much larger than to be expected. Light was pretty much unbeatable for thousands of monsters, let alone a thousand humans human. That was why Tanaka would, no doubt, wonder how strong the Demon King is.

“We’ve arrived,”

The carriage suddenly stopped and the two were off balanced which threw them into a weird position.

“Get off,”

“Eh? Ah…, Un…”

Light, who was on top of Tanaka, became red realizing how erotic their positions were. But for Tanaka, this was, no more or no less, a cliche situation.
The man saw the scene when he jumped off the carriage and went to see them but he thought he was only bothering them. He laughed wryly and tried to walk out.

“No, you’re not,”

Tanaka replied to him as he shoved Light to the side and pulled himself up. After brushing his pants with his hands, he took his luggage and his sword and went outside. Light followed after.

The night breeze blew making Tanaka shiver to the cold. Light, with her white elegant coat, felt warm instead.

“It’s a bit small for a town,”

“Well yeah, it used to be a village,”

Bergstadt was roughly small for a town. The buildings were mostly made of rocks, a few were wooden. Lights on the houses lit the street making street lamps useless. A quiet, eerie atmosphere could be felt. The stars shone brightly in the night sky even showing stardust. It was very beautiful, like living in the countryside.
The road was very smooth unlike the rocky road of the capital.

“I will stay here for the night. What will you two do?”

“We’ll be looking for an inn and leave tomorrow,”

“Then, I’ll be going,”

The man said his farewell and walked down the lightened street. The two walked along. Searching from place to place and finally found an inn. The inn was not like Tanaka thought when they entered. It was very quiet and lonely. The people were not talking to each other and just stayed silent.


An old man behind the counter showed up. He had already gray hair and wrinkles which made him look old. He was smiling brightly.

“I’d like to rent a room,”

“Two rooms? Or one room with large bed?”

Tanaka stopped for a moment and think. Putting his hand on his chin. Finally, he decided on it.

“What’s cheaper?”

Asking that definitely showed that he did not understood the meaning behind the old man’s question.

“Well, I’ll give you a discount with the room with a large bed, so it’ll be much cheaper,”

“Then I’ll take that one, how much?”

“30 Lis,”

That was a satisfying price. He gave the old man, who murmured, “What a happy couple,” 30 Lis. The old man headed for the hallway beside the counter, showing them the way to the room. Dust were all over the place, cobwebs covered every corner and the creaking sound of the floor which seemed to break every step. The old man gave Tanaka a rusted key to the door in front of them. The key went in the keyhole and was a perfect fit. Turning it over, at the same time the knob, the door opened with a weird sound.

“This is a bit larger than I thought,”

“.., Un,”

The room was elegant and decorated with beauty while the large bed looked like a princess’. The chandeliers that brightened up the room was made of silver. The white paint of the walls made it seem that they were not in an inn, but at someone else’s house. There was no creaking sound unlike the hallway

The old man went back to the counter bidding his good luck to Tanaka. Once again, he didn’t understood what he meant.

“You’ll sleep on the floor, it’s an order,”


The slave mark from both of her hands glowed as if replying to his order. This process burned Light’s hands, hurting her lightly. She sat down the floor in a seiza position. After that, Light looked worried looking at the ground. Covering her body with her coat, slightly touching her modest chest.

“Don’t worry, I’ll never violate someone as dirty as you,”

She was hit right in the heart. Light knew that he didn’t mean it literally. No doubt she was a vampire and Tanaka knew this. She got it from her father who was also a full-blood vampire. They had lived in a dungeon where they were visited frequently by exorcists and soldiers. He had killed thousands of men and taught her own daughter to do the same. She was feared by people when they see her crimson red eyes. They tried to kill her inside her dungeon and she killed those. Her dirtied soul cannot be cleansed. She knew this.

But when she finally met Ariya, there were no more fear in the people. They just took her as an ordinary girl. Or not. She was hit on many times already that you may think she’s too abnormal.

That was why she could walk through the streets without fear of having been seen with her red eyes that could bring fear to those who see.

But seriously Light, it’s not what he’s talking about, you know. You should know better.

Tanaka stared at Light and Light’s wandering eyes met his. A romantic situation if not for Tanaka’s cold glare that chilled the room. The glare made Light look the other way.

“Take a bath, Light,”

He threw a towel that he found in one of the cabinet. Light caught it and went out hugging Tanaka’s sweet mint-smelling gift. The creaking sound of the hallway could be heard from the room. Each footstep grew silent. It lasted for a moment, but now there was no sound to be heard.

Tanaka sat down the bed and touched his left arm. The scar was still there. The arm that Light almost cut off. He tightly gripped his arm and made a dark expression. The dark past that was no longer there still haunt him.

He murmured something to himself and grinned.




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