Chapter 14: Prelude to the Awakening of the AntiHero

“Light, don’t waste any more of our time and finish this,”


Tanaka ordered Light in the arena. Light nodded and raised her fists. They were fighting Leo – Leona.

Leo, a blonde man with an average physique. His face was also average but it seems he was popular with the girls. His weapon was a spear with a red handle.

Leona was a popular pink-haired girl with a tanned skin and voluptuous body. She was carrying a large heavy sword.

While Leona and Leo was fighting with Light earlier, they received severe bruises and now they were breathing roughly. Exhausted due to Light’s unbelievable strength.

“Th-, that girl’s craz-,”

Leo went flying as soon as Light closed in. It was for an instant that they did not saw how fast was Light. Leona thrust her sword at Tanaka but it was easily deflected as Light caught it with her shark-like teeth.


She was kicked in the stomach and fell unconscious. Light faced the shivering Leo. His face was in fright.

“I, I surrender! Please, no more!”

He surrendered and Sei – Light pair won moving onto the semifinals of the event. Tanaka was disappointed by what Leo did, but it was still good though.

Cheers filled the arena as they witness the uprising of an underdog. They were now voting for the strength of Light and Tanaka’s bravado confidence.

They went inside into their room and sat down. The stinky smell of filth made Light a bit nauseous.

“Our next enemy is the War Princesses, huh,”

During the previous fights, he had heard that the War Princesses were the strongest in this event that was held every month. They were both feared by both humans and monsters. Momo and Hany was there names.

From what he had heard, Momo was a Half-beast from the Demihuman race. Also that she wore eastern clothes and a weapon that was more likely a club.

Hany, on the other hand, wore western clothes and more of a princess than Momo, but her weapon of choice was an awfully decorated bastard sword. According to the rumors, she was pretty and perfect if not for her foul mouth.

“Sei – Light pair, come to the arena,”

They were called. Light followed Tanaka as they exited their room. He had a high expectation from the War Princesses. Seeing how they were respected here, they must make a great show for Tanaka.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the arena! I cannot believe my own eyes but some underdog had reached semifinals!”

The audience was feeling intense. No, the atmosphere was intense. All of them were expecting to have a great match for the first time because the War Princesses had won a million times already.

“Now, let me introduce to you the underdog, Sei – Light pair!!”

Huge cheers and applause could be heard at the same time. But Tanaka just ignored while Light tried to hold Tanaka’s hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I, you, hold hands,”

“Get lost,”


Light pouted as she sets her sight on the ground.

The gates on their side opened and they walked to the dusty battlefield. There was no grass, just the sand that made it look hot.

“Next is the all-time champion, the brave, the undefeated, the almighty, War Princesses!”

The audience shouted and cheered as two dark shadows emerged from the sky. They fell down on their feet with impact creating clouds of dust that appeared like smoke.
Once it was cleared, two girls appeared. One was a tall black-haired girl with eastern clothing, her hand grasped a club. She had the horn of an ogre and a tail of a dog. She was Momo, the Demi-Human from Nyanpan Empire. Although Tanaka imagined an ugly, muscular demon woman when he heard she had a weapon of a club, she had thin arms and with a body of a frail girl. She had an angelic gentle face that one would sacrifice his life for.

While the other was a golden-haired tsundere face. She wore a clothing like that of a western princess but more revealing. She was a bit shorter than Tanaka, but taller than Light. It was Hany, the foul-mouthed princess. Holding a bastard sword, which had a pink hilt and full of girly decorations, she looked at them with fierce.

Apparently, Momo was taller and much more than Tanaka was.

They were like Yin and Yang, opposite sides of a coin, yet a fierce aura develops around them.

“Ohoho, that girl is a bit cute,”

“Sheesh, how the hell did a f*cking frail guy got in here? The enemies today must be pretty weak,”

Wagging her tail, Momo grinned at Light who was desperately trying to catch the attention of Tanaka. Hany used taunt on Tanaka. It’s not very effective!

“Oh, their now warmed up! Let us now start the battle! Fight!!”

The battle had started. The first one to move was Momo, charging like a bull, creating clouds of dust every step. She lifted her club in hopes of striking the frail-looking Tanaka who was just standing there. While Hany charged in on Light with her sword ready.



Momo blocked Light who ignored Hany. She was lucky that she had a fast reflex but Hany was a bit angry about having to be ignored.

“Hey, you b*tch! I’m your enemy!”

She dashed and thrust her sword towards the barehanded Light. But Light dodged and nimbly kicked Momo on the stomach.

She then grabbed a hold of Hany and punched her.

“Damn, this f*cking b*tch is trying to fight both of us,”

“She’s an idiot to do so,”

Light ignored their remarks and focused on fighting them both. Momo swung her club at Light but nearly grazed it just for Light to counterattack. But doing so, she was struck in the shoulder by Hany’s sword.
Another swing from the club was coming and Light dodged by bending her knees and body and quickly stood up just to be wounded in the arm.


“Hah! That’s what you get for taking both of us,”

She was no doubt at a disadvantage. Hany and Momo’s movements were too professional even without magic and buffs. Light made a quick decision and threw her fist towards Momo which made her flew, crashing on the wall.


She then faced Hany and dodged her sword and struck her in the chest but she was hit by the club of the charging bull, Momo.


She flew in the air. Hany jumped and thrust her sword with speed, piercing Light’s stomach. She fell down with impact but got she got on her feet with speed. Blood gushed out of her stomach.

“Uwooh! Light is in a tough situation but still manages to put the two champions on a corner,”

The audience was amazed. But what was more amazing was that Light was only using a bit of her power, but the audience did not know this including Charles who was cheering so happily.

“Light, you can use 30% of your power!”

The nearly forgotten Tanaka shouted out to Light and she nodded with delight while Hany and Momo was surprised. 30%? Surely that was a joke. Light was now having a hard time with her full power and yet she’s only gonna use 30%? Plus, he was planning to let a girl fight on her own? He was an enemy of women, Hany was sure of it.

“It’s better if you give up, b*tch. That f*cking scum will be the cause of your death,”

Light twitched. Her face turned somewhat dark. Her eyes were dead, as if no light had entered it. She let out a dangerous and dark aura.

“I, shall not permit you to speak badly of Lord Tanaka with that insolent foul mouth of yours,”

Her deep low voice resounded in the ears of the listeners with dark and intense feeling as she bent her knees and spread it with her katana at her grasp letting it lean forward. Tanaka knew what she was going to do.

“Argh, they’re all annoying me. This bastards,”

Hany and Momo surrounded Light at her sides. They both nodded at each other and readied their weapons. They both charged in at the same time.


Momo swung her club in the air and Hany thrust her sword. Both coming at Light who was still. Neither moving nor looking at both of them. Her eyes was just closed. Nearing at her, they ragingly swung at full power.


The sound of metal clashing echoed. No, it was like a gunshot, so loud and powerful, it had a deafening tone that vibrated through the air, aiming the sky. What the audience saw was both the club and the sword flew at opposite direction. Light had her katana raised in the air with her right hand. None of them knew what happened except for Tanaka.


He murmured with amazement.

Battojutsu, a sword technique in Japan involving on quick drawing and striking in one motion. That was truly impressive especially as she had done it with grace and speed. However, he could not believed that Light who was a native in this world could possibly learn kenjutsu. Probably it was Ariya who taught her this. Wait, Ariya learned kenjutsu!?

Both Momo and Hany were astonished. Before they realized, they were in a daze but that was just for a moment.


Hany ran after her sword but Light raised her leg and kicked her on the kidney. She rolled on the ground and smashed on a large rock near Tanaka. She felt her ribs. One of them might be broken. She clicked her tongue and looked at Tanaka. She dashed to grab her sword on the ground and put a stance once she got it. She was filled with anger as she looked at the dead eyes of the young frail man.

The audience were filled with excitement for it was the symbol of her rare technique. She stood straight like a tree and her arms were over her heads while holding the sword which was pointing from behind her. Light noticed the change in atmosphere while holding Momo who was smiling triumphantly, on the corner.

“You’re strong, b*tch, to let me use this technique here,”

After that, she blurted out words as if chanting magic. Rather, she WAS chanting magic. The breeze blew a different gale. Light sensed danger and pushed Momo aside and decided to guard Tanaka. She, again, sheathed her katana.

“Strengthen, protection, offense, let thy name be called. Come! Sphynx!!”

She dashed. Her weapon glowing with a mixture of black and blue. The image of a creature with a head of a human and a body of a beast came into view.
Even though she was coming at Tanaka, he didn’t move.


Light came into her vision when she unleashed the energy from her sword. She swung down her mighty weapon which met Light’s. She continued slashing with the impact so strong that the ground was breaking apart. Every slash keeps getting stronger and faster while Light kept up with it. The sounds of two metals clashing were intense.

Neither Hany nor Light was giving an inch. Their feet stayed where they are. Hany kept swinging also Light. Their swords showed no signs of breaking from such power. Clearly, Light was only using 30% because she was ordered to.

Tanaka stood there watching dusts flew here and there. The impacts could be felt as wind blew to him and the sounds of clashing steels were heard.

“Cast! Max Steel,”


Tanaka flew in the air. Momo could be seen with her club raised in the air which looked like a batter who had swung his bat, grinning cheerfully like an angel.
His body was twisted. His arms were bent in a weird way. His feet that was off ground was desperately searching for land.

The time slowed down. Blood spewed in the air as Tanaka felt the pain. His head was spinning round and round. Light noticed but realized that she could not move in her position.

Damn it. Why didn’t I noticed her? She sneaked onto me. I did not pay attention to her, that’s why. Obviously, it was a miscalculation.




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