Chapter 07: Speed Changing Skill and The Trap in Town

“Lord Tanaka, Lord Tanaka,”


Tanaka woke up abruptly due to Light’s voice. Light was desperately waking him.
Tanaka’s face was pale and showed discomfort. He had dreamed of a nightmare. That nightmare that haunts him every night.

He shoved his blanket and saw the sight of Light’s worried face. Her face was one of the things that made him want to vomit, other than the nightmare. Early in the morning and he was having a bad time already.

The sweet smell of mint coming from Light’s hair calmed Tanaka.

“Light, get out,”


He suddenly pushed Light, who was still wearing her nightgown, which she mysteriously brought with her, out of the room. Her nightgown was short, reaching not her knees, but just above it, showing most of her legs. The white color of it made herself seem pure and clean and, of course, it wasn’t a negligee. Although she had brought it so Tanaka would pay attention to it, but did not bother to. Tanaka was wearing his old clothes as his pajama and his new blue shirt and white pants as for traveling. He immediately got ready for another travel.

But thinking that they were to go to some faraway place, they should bring food or ingredients to cook or something like that. When this came in mind, Tanaka wanted to see the marketplace and also see some of the finest weapons in this town.

When he opened the door, Light was in a seiza position. Waiting patiently. If she had worn the right clothes it would have been better. Light entered the room as soon as he got out.

And one second had passed since Light entered,


She opened the door with her white coat and short skirt, grasping her sheathed katana with her left hand. She had her usual expressionless face and her air of mysteriousness.

“Do you even plan on entering a speed dressing contest…,”

Tanaka murmured but Light did not hear this. A question mark floated on Light as she tilted her head. They went to the counter of the inn. A few people were eating at the wooden tables. The old man was tending the money on his hands, counting it. Noticing Tanaka and Light, he smiled at them.

“So, how was your night?”

“The bed was very good,”

The compliment made the old man smiled more. But at the next moment, he blurted out nonsense.

“Seeing young couples like you reminds me of my youth,”


Although Tanaka was listening, he did not quite catch that. He turned to Light. She was red. She was blushing.

He thought, “Oy, why are you blushing?” with irritation.

They went and ordered food. The food was not much of a luxury but was good. The roasted chicken with soy sauce, topped with vegetables like cabbages and carrots.
Most of this world’s food was also in his previous world’s. That was why the environment of this world has the same environment of his own world.

The only difference between the two worlds was that one had the so-called “Mana” for supernatural effects while the other has none which really explains why Earth was more advance than this world.

Mana made the people depend on it more than technology. Surely if there was no Mana here to begin with, this world might have guns like muskets or rifles. Or could there be magic gun like in the novels?

That might be interesting. He quickly thought of how he could use the gun that is powered by magic. He wanted to make it with the right materials, but sadly, he does not know how to construct a complex magic circuit like that to make the gun work.

Magic circles were complex enough for him, so having a magic circuit that was filled with magic circles were hard.
Apparently, the smaller the magic circle is, the more complex it gets.

The delicious food was now gone after being eaten and Tanaka and Light was satisfied of the food. Although Light looked a bit disappointed now that there was no food on the table.

Seriously, This girl is a black hole.

They went to the counter to bid his farewell to the old man and left, being followed by Light. The old man waved his hand wishing for them to come back with their child, but that’s not going to happen, right?

On the road was people, unlike last night, was walking on the road, talking to each other friendly, telling rumors about this and that. Children were playing with each other. Boys playing sword fight while girls bringing their old torn stuffed dolls.

Light looked somewhat sorrowful or with great grief even with her usual expressionless face. Tanaka noticed this but ignored this fact because it was useless to show pity on a slave.

The market of the town was very lively. Meats, vegetables, fruits and cooked foods were being sold. About 30 shops were opened. There were people buying and selling here and there. They looked at some shops which sells some weapons.

Tanaka came in to the weapon shop with a pretty decent name called “Waffen Scheisse”. Tanaka saw a pretty young girl with short who was placing a short sword on display. She was blonde and had a face like any other pretty girls that you would think that she was in the royalty.
Pretty noble, she was.


Her voice was young and soothing that it calms Tanaka down. She was even prettier than Light who was standing there and looking at her like a growling dog. Her movements were somewhat meek like you would expect from a princess-type.

“Er, are you the owner of this store?”

“Ah, no, it’s my father’s,”

“You’re right. There’s no way a girl would be the shop owner,”

“!?” “Eh?”

Both of them were bewildered at Tanaka.

Did I just said something wrong here? Tanaka wondered how Light were also surprised.

“Er, um, I’m a boy,”

“EH!? Ah, sorry, well, I thought you were a bit prettier than any other girls like THIS one so maybe I thought…,”

Maybe I said a bit too much..?

Tanaka stopped and looked at the “boy” who was blushing.

“Lord Tanaka…, there is no ‘GIRL’ who has short hair…,”

“Really? ‘Cause in my world there are many,”

They didn’t know that the “boy” was listening to them so they just said something outrageous for the boy.

“You, you’re from the other world!? Just like the Heroes!?”

He got excited when he heard that he was from the other world. He had never seen a Hero up close before. His face then got closer and closer to Tanaka’s face.
Close. Too close.

“No, I’m not a Hero. I’m just a world traveler,”

When Tanaka said this, Light gazed at him with suspicion but was replied with a scowl.

“Is that so!? Then, then, what kind of world did you came from?”

He got a little bit closer.

“I’m pretty busy so I’ll describe it in three words. Beyond your comprehension,”

He said that and quickly left the store with the kid and his imagination.
“Hn? It’s a coincidence to meet you here,”

The happy-go-lucky atmosphere was brought by the man who was the coachman yesterday. His brown eyes met Tanaka’s.

“You have business for today?”

“Yeah, I have to buy us food for lunch and travel,”

“Heh, you want me to take you to your destination?”

“If you can,”


“Walled city of Peco,”

The man was surprised. The walled city of Peco has been famous for its position being near the largest forest, Peco Forest. This Forest had been inhabited by famous Demon Lords and powerful monsters such as dragons and dryads.

Walled city of Peco was somehow been amazing for its defense against monsters. The monsters couldn’t even penetrate the defense.

“I see, I’ll ready the carriage and you ready your money,”

The man left with a smile, looking at how Light was holding Tanaka’s hands like a child. For him, they were a perfect combination of a father and his child.

After the man left, he shoved Light’s hand irritatingly. Moving on to their business, they went to a stall selling meats and vegetables. He gradually arrived at a place full of meat and vegetables with the shop’s name as “Meats and Vegetables For Sale! or not”. The “or not” part was small so few can see it at a long distance but he tried to ignore it. That must be it. It’s culture, alright.

Looking at their wares, they were mostly fine products for a low price. Not a single rotting vegetable to be seen. He went and bought a few since they would rot if he bought more than what they need.

Walking on, they saw the man with the carriage, smiling happily. Bowing down neatly, he introduced himself.

“Charles, at your service,”

“How much?”

“It’s just 50 Lis,”

Tanaka opened his luggage and brought out 50 Lis and paid the Charles. He, then, escorted Light towards the back of the carriage and rode it, sitting comfortably. He sat at the opposite side of Light who was looking at Charles holding the luggage.
The ingredients were in there, right?

She was near to drooling when she noticed Tanaka looking at her with suspicion. Charles who saw this was giggling behind them. Light quickly took evasive maneuver and looked at the window of the carriage.

Putting their luggage, Charles sat on the coachman’s sit and whipped the horse, making it move, leaving the town of Bergstadt, the town of the tallest mountain, Schoebergstein.




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